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Australia has it’s first female Prime Minister

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Julia Gillard

Australia's first female Prime Minister

Following months of negative personal and party polls for the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and facing a federal election loss later this year, he had no choice but to accept a challenge for the Labor Party leadership and the position of Prime Minister, from his deputy, Julia Gillard of South Australia.

Mr Rudd’s one man band approach to leadership, failure to accept responsibility for program implementation mistakes, policy flip flops, ongoing personal anger management problems, and his contribution to what has become a dispirited public service, meant that Rudd’s failure as a leader has been the main reason for his political fall from grace.

As Rudd has often stated publicly, with the exception of last night, Julia Gillard has proved herself to be a loyal deputy, and has handled herself well during this term of government.

However major Labor unions alarmed by Labor’s fast collapsing political polls, moved quickly this week to assess the level support for a possible Gillard challenge with an eye to her leading the Party to the Federal election later in the year.  Once her level of support was established they approached Ms Gillard late on Wednesday afternoon, to convince her to challenge the for the leadership.

A former partner in one of Australia’s leading legal firms Slater & Gordon, Julia Gillard will most likely settle the government down and take a more measured approach to governing and government. She has the common touch, a pleasant disposition and the ability to communicate simply, clearly and effectively. And she is a very talented debater. For the Australian Labor Party to have any chance to retain government following the next federal election, Julia Gillard was their best bet at this time.

Australia made political history today, 24th June, 2010 at 9. 36 am with the announcement of the election of Julia Gillard as Australia’s first female Prime Minister. She is ready and she is capable. It is very likely that a Labor government led by Gillard will have rescued its re-election chances.



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