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August Nights & Obama Days

The world’s media would have a field day. It would be a modern political catastrophe of epic proportions

They are calling it “The Clinton Convention”. Strong feelings exist about the Clintons being given prime speaking spots at the Democratic Convention.

This next section is a brief opinion piece that was posted on the  group (Houston for Obama)  this week. It attracted many comments. It has been slightly edited to update the information. The program is subject to change.


The Rocky Mountain News has reported the plans for the Clinton forces in Denver. For many, the schedule Hillarywas a huge eye opener as to the presence she and her staff are attempting to achieve. As of now, the roster includes:

Monday 25 /8– A major pro Clinton rally
Michelle Obama convention address

Tuesday 26/8– A huge parade through downtown for Hillary with giant screens arranged in Chessman Park for what they hope will be over 75,00 people to watch Hillary Clinton’s speech to the Convention.

Tuesday 26/8– Hillary Clinton’s major speech to the Convention

Wednesday 27/8  – Bill Clinton’s speech to the Convention, preceding the nomination roll call

Wednesday 27/8 – Hillary Clinton’s name placed in nomination

Wednesday 27/8– A roll call vote

Thursday 28/8 – A second parade planned for Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama & Al Gore to speak at Invesco field
The remainder of the Houston for Obama group email continues..

“Does anyone besides me find this astounding?

Now everyone knows she has devoted and loyal supporters; that she ran an impressive race for the White House and that, President Clinton deserves the appropriate respect for his service to our country and our party.

I will be the first to empathize with the Clinton Team. I personally know the pain of my candidate losing the race. Trust me, it is hard and requires some adjustment to the loss.

Dean and Gephardt supporters knew such intense feelings in 2004. Bill Bradley, Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas all head a long list of people who ran impressive and passionate races and withdrew, putting the interests of the Democratic Party first. None of these candidates required any of the above plans.

This kind of schedule is unprecedented and is fraught with trouble.

Does anyone really believe that the media won’t become obsessed with comparisons, the size of her roll call vote, the size of crowds, her entrance into Denver and her exit from Denver? The entire Convention will start revolving around the Clinton’s instead of our nominee, winning in November, and getting started with unity and power. This is just wrong.

Our Party can be very proud of having two frontrunner candidates – one, a woman and one, black – who fought for the nomination. It was a hard contest and in the end, Obama won. The Democratic Convention will, for the first time in history, be nominating an African American for President of the United States. This should not only be Obama’s moment but, a special moment for African-Americans, the Democratic Party and all Americans.

There are plenty of ways Hillary can be honored and acknowledged for an incredible race but this exceeds all decency and boundaries known to this Party. No words of praise for Obama from the podium can correct the distraction and mixed message that she is sending with this calendar. Can she not have the grace to honor his moment, at a crucial juncture before we enter the general election?”

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Telling Thoughts comment resumes…
I share similar views but not the comments about the Clintons. I admit I am no fan of the Clintons. I much prefer to judge people by their actions not just their words. Experience tells me that I should smell a rat in Denver. Possibly a Clinton rat. Now while I love most animals, especially labrador pups and beagles, any stray dog and the llama for Obama,  I will not under any circumstances keep a pet rat.

It’s not that I have anything against the rat as a species, it’s simply because I am not in favour of the rat- like behaviour of Bill Clinton and people of his ilk. That breed we’ve come to know, intensely dislike and will never trust (the Ratpoliticus) more widely known as the “Billrat”. I have no desire to listen to it, read about it, or see it within a China Wall’s reach of the Rocky Mountains. 

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