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The Past Vs The Future

It is a tragic indictment on the state of the Republican Party that after inflicting eight years of George W Bush on the American people, the only candidate the Party can offer, is a 71 year old relic of politics past! 

What type of people are running the Republican Party in America these days? You know the organisation I am referring to; it’s commonly known as the GOP.  Meaning the “Grand Old Party”. Well they’ve certainly got that right. These days it’s old, it’s out of date and it’s totally out of touch.  One might assume that their likely presidential nominee, John Sidney McCain would be the perfect match!  Not so – say many republicans. They say he’s too liberal.  What really matters is that when compared to his likely opponent, the 47 year old fit and extremely talented Barack Obama, to many audiences John McCain will represent the past. In stark contrast, Obama’s message is all about the future. Their debates should be fascinating!

At 71 years of age, McCain has already made his mark in US political history as the oldest person ever to attempt to contest the Presidency. The people of the United States deserve a better deal than this.  And so does the rest of the planet.  Why would any sane person even contemplate taking on the most demanding job in the universe as a septuagenarian.  Just imagine the poor chap trying to cope with eight grueling years in the Oval office. Apart from ambition, what is this man’s motivation for seeking office? Surely his work as a Senator for Arizona is sufficiently demanding? 

Frankly I am amazed that no one in the US media has elicited from McCain the values and special skills he believes he would bring to the office of President. It is a tragic indictment on the sorry state of the Republican Party that after inflicting eight years of George W Bush’s brand of republicanism on the American people, the best candidate they have to offer is a 71 year old relic of politics past. A man who was actually beaten for the Party’s nomination in 2000 by one George W Bush. That doesn’t exactly inspire people. Mr McCain’s chances at this general election seem futile at best. Particularly as he can’t even manage to unite his own Party. 

A former navy pilot, John McCain was shot down while on a mission over Vietnam in 1967.  Suffering 6 years in captivity, in appalling conditions, he was often subjected to torture.  On his return to the US he was invited to the White House to be greeted by President Nixon as a genuine hero for his bravery and stoicism whilst a POW.

As a Senator for Arizona, John McCain voted for the war in Iraq and now says that US  forces could be in that country for a hundred years!  How did he conclude that?  Did he have a visitation?  No explanation has been given!  Apart from his age, he is handicapped and limited by his past thinking. The world is sick of wars and the brutality and wants an end to it.  At the end of the day the problems of the Iraqi people must be solved by Iraqi people. Foreign countries can only assist. John McCain sees only military solutions. Barack Obama believes there are better options.

Video: John McCain on policy shifts.

Fortunately for America, Bush Republicanism is nearly dead. This lame duck Republican presidency is even struggling to get media attention, due to the unprecedented level of public interest in choosing a possible successor to the current incumbent.  John McCain would have little chance of success against Barack Obama in a general election , yet against Clinton, he could get over the line.  Intense dislike of the Clintons felt by the Republicans and by more than half of the Democrats would work in McCain’s interests.

Come November, should Obama and McCain eventually fight out the general election, I suggest Barack Obama  will prevail comprehensively, thereby becoming the 44th President of the United States of America.  On that momentous day, the rest of the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief, begin to feel more secure and look to the future with renewed hope and confidence.



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