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Now hear this! John McCain. (That’s navy talk). It is clear that you have become a prisoner of your past. 

A Message for John McCain (ex POW)

I acknowledge the term POW again John, in case you were concerned I had forgotten your efforts to remind myself and millions of others of your Vietnam experience for the umteenth time during your convention speech. Oh yes, and we did see the POW video  promo of you while you were waiting in the wings to dazzle us with your speech. It didn’t happen.

See what happens when you overplay your hand for the wrong reasons?

Now hear this! John McCain. (That’s navy talk). It is clear that you have become a  prisoner of your past. A parody of yourself in fact. People have been more than willing to respect your trials as a prisoner in North Vietnam, but not above, nor in exclusion of those experienced and suffered by many other American POW’s. Yet there is a difference. And it is significant. Unlike you John McCain, your fellow POW’s did not seek to exploit that experience or expect  special recognition or reward for their sacrifice. They understood it was part of the risk of being captured in the service of their country.

On their release they came home with honour and tried to put their experiences behind them, as they set about getting on with their lives. Many struggled, yet these men consider themselves fortunate regardless of their Vietnam experience, compared to those who paid the ultimate price, condemned never to see their loved ones again. Surely John, the unrecognised Americans, the quiet ones, are the true American heroes. Perhaps you should have said so.

There are many examples of quiet American heroism, John McCain. Men we can repect and admire irrespective of our nationality. Remember the highly respected actor Jimmy Stewart? Jimmy Stewart didn’t shout about his wartime experiences. Prior to the second world war he had graduated from Princeton as an architect. While studying he engaged in University life and developed a love for acting through involvement in the University’s repertory theatre.

At war’s end, Jimmy simply came home, visited his parents and  got on with his life. His is a story of what is good and great. It is absolutely inspiring.  I can’t believe they haven’t made a film about it yet. Talk about art imitating life. His is a story of a decent man who displayed modesty, humour, a liking for people, outstanding leadership, true grit and that of a person who absented himself from an already successful Hollwood career and volunteered to serve his country. For the record, James M Stewart was a Republican. Described many years later by President Clinton “as a national treasure” when he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his military service and life achievements.

On his return to civilian life, Jimmy Stewart refused to allow the Hollywood moguls  to promote any of his films using his war record or to capitalise on his decorations and service both as a bomber captain and later squadron commander flying the maximum missions over Germany. Or his later promotion to Colonel and Chief of Staff of the 2nd Combat Bombardment wing of the US Eighth Air Force in Britain.  

More about Jimmy Stewart later.

John McCain you are beginning to behave in a manner which identifies you as a classic warmonger. Your address at the convention was an example. Note some of  your opening remarks “America needs to get serious. We need to fight, fight, fight!”. Nearly every story is laced with exaggerations or lies when it suits you. You promote without evidence the idea there is a need to fight someone, or some country, for some reason. Your call last week “We are all Georgians now” was reckless within hours of Russia hitting back at Georgia after Georgia had first invaded South Ossetia? And for what purpose? No explanation as usual.

You said categorically in your convention speech, “America needs to remind them of US military power (who)”. You said you are prepared to take them on (who?). Then you claimed quite unbelievably, “I know how the world works” ( John no one in political life anywhere in my lifetime has ever made that claim)  then you boasted that you know how to stand up to those who threaten the US. I thought you were about to declare a war right there and then. Thank God you are still only a Senator!

John, you claim you have the military experience to be Commander in Chief?. General Wesley Clark, the former US General in charge of all NATO forces maintains that with only the experience of a navy pilot you do not. C’mon John McCain, let’s be honest here. Your application for promotion to a rank above that of Captain was rejected by the Navy Board even though your father was an Admiral. The Board was fully aware of your record and on assessment voted to deny your request. Matters such as temperament, emotional stability, leadership skills and overall knowledge and capability are factors which influence such decisions. Faced with rejection, it was then and only then, that you decided to resign your commission and enter politics to be financed by your wealthy father in law and his political cronies in Arizona. 

John McCain who are you trying to fool? You left the Navy when you realised that you were never going to become an Admiral like your father and grandfather before you. Now you dream of outdoing your relatives as President and Commander in Chief of the United States. Dream on John. You are not motivated by a genuine desire to serve the American people, your dream is all about a Potus John McCain and the opportunity to command men of the rank your relatives used to hold and wield America’s enormous power. John McCain you are not fit to be anywhere near the red button. 

The Military McCain

This is a quick snapshot of a biography pertaining to your military experience. Father and grandfather both US Admirals. You graduated from Annapolis Naval College in 895 th place out of a class of 900. Often in trouble, misdemeanours, fighting etc. Didn’t do well in pilot training. Finally awarded wings. Crashed 4 Aircraft and lost another when shot down in Vietnam. You cut Southern Italy’s power for half a day when in you flew into overhead power lines. This incident caused a major diplomatic incident between the US and the Italian government about your irresponsible and reckless behaviour. You were shot down in Vietnam, injured in ejecting, captured, tortured on occasions and imprisoned for 6 years. On  return to America President Richard Nixon, a friend of your father, invited you to the White House, decorated you and proclaimed you an American hero. Its been your claim to fame and meal ticket ever since. But not for your fellow POW’s. 

John, your pattern of behaviour typifies that which Bush and Cheney have already inflicted on the American people and anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Wrapping yourself in the country’s flag, inventing enemies that do not exist, refusing to be open and accountable and answer questions, is precisely how the seeds of dictatorship are sown. The most recent examples being General Pervez Musharraf the former self appointed President of Pakistan and Geo Bush’s friend. 

Creating an environment of fear is not an original ploy, but as history has shown it is a powerful way to control people. I can see that the politics of fear is the underlying platform of your campaign, John McCain. Your campaign manager Steve Schmidt arrogantly suggested on CNN, ” this election is not about issues”. If it not about issues then what is it supposed to be about? (Who can win by telling the most believable lies?) Only a proper debate of the issues will give the American people a fair chance to decide. Hopefully the only real fighting in this campaign will be in debating the issues.

People need to reflect on what is happening right before their eyes and where it can lead. Under Geo W Bush supported by John McCain, America has conducted illegal phone tapping, approved the rendition and torture of prisoners in other countries because US laws  wouldn’t allow it on US soil. I could go on.

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  1. John,

    I salute you once again! What a cutting analysis & so damn true.

    Keep it up.


    Posted by Helen South | September 7, 2008, 1:53 am
  2. It seems incredible that a man who flippantly dismisses the potential deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, and further sacrifice of our Nation’s finest, CAN EVEN BE CONSIDERED for the Nation’s highest office! “bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb Bomb-Bomb Iran” …. Smirk!

    Posted by viktor met | September 7, 2008, 2:31 am
  3. excellent piece! i agree with you 100%.

    Posted by Kristi | September 7, 2008, 2:50 am
  4. Succinct and well said! thank you

    Posted by C Bloomfield | September 7, 2008, 3:28 am
  5. McCain’s tale of his past service to the country is the biggest annoying story now, because he clearly exploited the fact he was a POW prisoner to pretend he is fit for president. I don’t think so. We have POWs around here, they are not all qualified to prove they have the temperament and the judgement to be commander-in-chief. Now he runs, as the experience candidate, that switched from that position to the change candidate (featuring his novice running mate Sarah Palin). DEJA VU… Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton played some flip-flops when realising their experience credentials could not hold up.

    McCain is hoping for a boost, but it is too late. These numbers won’t favor you until the american people discover you don’t have a sound plan to get America out of its misery, that you are just a “more of the same” candidate.

    Posted by Franklin | September 7, 2008, 1:45 pm
  6. Wonderful words of truth,finally!

    My late father, a navy vet from WWII, would be proud of you. His daughter is…keep up the good work.

    Posted by michk | September 7, 2008, 11:15 pm
  7. You are frighteningly accurate John!!!! He is a sniveling case of entitlement, trying to make up for being a “throw away” military brat. The worst part is that there are people in this country small minded enough to buy into him!

    Thanks for always seeing through to reality. Wish there were more takers!

    Posted by BryAnn B | September 9, 2008, 1:54 pm