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America’s Call To Arms / The Arms Of Government

To succeed the President will need the support of all Americans. How about it Republicans?

The Pastor’s Target

When President Barack Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, admonished his Sunday flock with his controversial curse invoking the Almighty, “It’s Not God Bless America – It’s God Damn America”, his publicity seeking rant only thinly disguised the real target of the tirade he delivered from the bully pulpit of his Chicago church. – Racism.

Klan Attitudes Survive

In lifting the veil during the Obama vs Clinton primaries, the Pastor was aiming squarely at the heart of those who provide the necessary political oxygen for the sustenance of Ku  Klux Klan attitudes in America. It seems clear that the clerical Mr Wright considered that the election of a black President would re-energise the redneck supporters of the Republican Party in the country’s southern and midwestern states. However for the Pastor to act in the hope that Mr Obama’s campaign for the Presidency might fail because of his concern was quite wrong. Though one can understand his motivation.

America’s Injustice

No one doubts that racism still thrives in parts of the United States. While more cunningly hidden these days, it nevertheless remains a festering emotional wound deeply embedded within the psyche of black America. A hurt which never really heals. A horrible affliction which attacks the self esteem, health and welfare of many millions of people throughout the length and breadth of the country. Doggedly unaddressed and still unresolved after 400 years of injustice – racism and it’s deleterious effect remains everpresent. It is the elephant in every room – and it remains America’s greatest shame.

The Republican Flagbearers

In President Obama’s inaugural address he appealed to America to “pick itself up and dust itself off”. Republicans in the meantime appear determined to demonstrate that nothing has changed. Basking in what appears to be a self deluded state occasioned by voting 100% against the Democrats’ stimulus proposals in the house and close to that in the Senate, they believe they have Mr Obama’s measure. Regardless of the state of the economy, foreclosures, education, health care and the situation in Iraq and  Afghanistan, the Republican’s clear objective is to make life as difficult as possible for the President.

Who will ever forget John McCain referring to Mr Obama as “That One” choosing not to face his opponent when he made an accompanying backhanded gesture to where Mr Obama was standing in the dying moments of the final presidential debate. McCain’s bitter utterance and dismissive manner exposed him to a disbelieving world on television as an out and out racist. A performance worthy of a life membership of the political rabble to which he belongs. The idea of having a black person as Commander in chief in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no matter how intelligent or qualified remains an anathema to racists in America. And the Republican leadership behaves like the flagbearers.

ABC Releases The Secret McCain Presidential Campaign Video .. 3 mins 14

Candidates For Electoral Culling

While the President and his team remain fully focused on the daunting task of righting America’s ship of state and rescuing the economy, Republicans in dismay and total disarray are still sitting on their backsides licking wounds, being obstructionist and attempting to rewrite history. Instead of making a useful contribution during the stimulus package debate, one bright? and biased media commentator came up with the novel idea that somehow the Democrats were responsible for America’s financial crisis. His was a pathetic and desperate attempt to erase memories of the mismanagement and mauling of America’s economy during the eight disastrous years of George W Bush’s inept and allegedly corrupt Presidency. Talk about a lost cause.

Just peer under any rock and you may find a match for the attitudes of some of these Republican gentlemen? Senator John McCain of Arizona, House minority leader Rep John Boehner from Ohio, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Suddenly it becomes apparent why bigmouth radio jock Rush Limbaugh and his imbecilic ilk, have enjoyed such access and political influence in Washington. 

More Democratic Seats Needed

The President will need every one of his supporters to be involved during his term or terms of office via “Organising for America” if he is to achieve positive change. Whether he can achieve his goal will depend greatly on the number and quality of democratic candidates he can see elected locally, statewise and nationally in the future. More Americans must be encouraged to take advantage of their right to vote. The democrat GOTV effort in last year’s general election made a good start.

One can only hope that President Obama will forget about bipartisanship for a while and concentrate on using Air Force One to communicate personally with the American people as much as possible. Particularly in intimate, secure Town Hall environments. In a way he will also be test driving campaign techniques for 2012 while selling and explaining policy proposals, generating interest, answering questions and lending support to Democrat hopefuls. Using this more personal approach where possible is likely to generate more bipartisanship interest from recently elected Republicans who realise their political future could be at stake.

The Price of Change

In future people will have to accept a greater responsibility for their country’s future. Those in the past who failed to vote and those who have left everything up to the politicians without particularly caring, have actually been in abdication of their responsibilities as citizens. As a result, change will now come at a very much higher price. How high exactly, will entirely depend on what people are prepared to do about changing their attitude towards saving and borrowing when organising and managing their financial affairs.

As the Nobel Prize for economics laureate Professor Paul Krugman was inferring in his Op – ed piece in the New York Times – if everyone saves at the same time – then spending stops -when spending stops business has no trade. On the other hand, if everyone borrows and then begins to spend at the same time – then saving stops. According to the article personal savings in the United States are virtually non existent. Dropping from 9% in the 1980’s, to 5% in the early 90’s and falling to 0.06% in 2007. The evidence is clear. America is broke and living on borrowed time and money. Mostly Chinese money.

The Stimulus Is Only The Beginning

America’s change train led by the new President left the station in the first week with his signing into law of the Lily Ledbetter Act. From day one the pace of the Obama administration has been frenetic. As early as Tuesday 17th February 2009, the President signed the largest financial stimulus bill in history to begin the  fight back to restore and rebuild the country’s economy. Will Americans smothered in debt follow his lead? Will they steel themselves to fight for their economic survival? And will the issue of race continue to divide the country? Every American will need to answer these questions.

The Government And You

No one can predict America’s future. However to have any chance of recovery, the days of unqualified consumer borrowing ( i.e. no deposit mortages etc.) and wasteful spending must end. It also applies to excessive military spending and the war culture that it sustains. A culture which has cost America dearly. Encouragement of personal thrift, saving, hard work, a quality education, inventiveness and community service must become the new norm.

A loosely regulated, oversight poor, shockingly managed financial system has failed the country and thus opened the floodgates to massive abuse and corruption. Now only the US government can chart a course and lead the way back to economic recovery. Fortunately for America the Obama administration will be one which represents all of the people. To succeed the President will need the support of all Americans. How about it Republicans?

Go America / there is no time to waste



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  1. Post Partisian Politics is all about many aspects of our individual and community life forward. We can’t change history. Yesterday, the last hour, that fleeting last minute… all are gone now. Our nightmares are over. Imprints may linger for awhile. Yet, at the end of life itself, our imprints, memories, and recollections, seem to be of the good moments. It is as if there is some invisible hand of forgivness at work, which erases evil itself, over time. These facts provide the fertile earth for our future harvest of positive learning, growth and change. Hope springs eternal. If we take a minute and write our own “Want Ad” for good help: you can do that, any of us Can. Let’s try. One by one. Help Wanted: A Wise and Caring, Strong and Carefull to all detail, Overseer and Manager of all things large and small. Willing to work for free, without complaint. Must provide smiles, food, shelter, and clothing for all present. Now hiring. Apply within. And, post that. Respond when applicants apply. Change your own attitude, thoughts, words, and conduct. We all can do our small part, now and in the future. Life is about what we do. We can and should fire all haters. We don’t have time for that now. And if your a hater, a selfish greedy smallminded person, read the job description, and step aside to let the next one step up for employment. This is America. All are welcome here. Empathy and Compassion are free. We are not bankrupt. We all have talents to give and recieve. Love and tollerance are the weave and warp of our true fabric as one Nation. Politics is no longer about political parties. It’s about time to vote into office those who’s job is the common good and common welfare. Factions, Party Structures, and Partisans, all must leave our public buildings forward. Our Democratic Republic is no longer for sale or rent. Citizen Praticipation is back. Some of us dare to call it Government 2.0 Change is already here, and we just started to warm up.

    Posted by Paul Currier | February 19, 2009, 8:58 am
  2. Great article, John!

    Editor: Many Thanks Becky

    Posted by Becky Bonnette | February 19, 2009, 11:58 am