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America through the looking glass!

America needs to accept that diplomacy and not miltary force is the key to maintaining world peace.

A Question for America 

American FlagIn the minds of most Americans, in particular citizens who choose not to exercise their right to vote, the uppermost question must be – How did America ever come to this? 

Comments to Ponder

When considering the present state of affairs in the United States and the legacy of the combined Clinton and Bush regimes, it is clear that the influence and moral authority of  America has been seriously eroded during these two Presidencies, and the American people have silently borne the insult. A poor reward indeed for what the United States has under earlier administrations contributed to the free world.

It seems a very long time since anyone has heard the world say “All the way with the US of A”. And yet it only took the actions of two Presidents to produce the current mess. First Bill Clinton trashed the prestige and authority of the Oval office with his habitual untruths, personal obscenities and financial scandals. And then followed George W Bush, possibly the most ignorant commander in chief in the annals of American history. A person who  appears to have no knowledge of how the the world operates outside the physical construct of a baseball stadium. An international embarrassment and a perfect example of how big business was able to buy a Presidency.

A Republican nobody with a father who was a Republican somebody, George Bush for seven years has functioned as a puppet to implement the agenda of powerful people with vested interests both inside and outside of the United States. Together with his cohorts he has proved to be a greater danger to the country’s national interests than the former disgraced republican President Richard Nixon, the first President ever to resign rather than face impeachment over the “Watergate” scandal and the crimes and cover ups  involved from the President down. 

More recently George W Bush has reportedly admitted that he had been untruthful with the American people about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.   Originally given as his main reason for invading.  Having admitted this deceipt he now expects to be absolved from any blame for the loss of four thousand young American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives and the near wrecking of the American economy in funding his war. A war which had nothing to do with pursuing and fighting Al Qaeda in response to 9/11. Impeachment for Mr Bush’s actions would be a light sentence. Others involved if found guilty of conspiracy should be given long prison sentences. Special federal laws need to be enacted if they don’t already exist to strip such offenders of personal wealth as a deterrent for the similarly inclined.

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  1. Thanks for your insight. I do believe that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be tried for war crimes after all of the terrible things they have done to war prisoners. I hope that happens. They have tried to destroy this country and all it stands for.

    Posted by Teena Sanders | April 12, 2008, 4:38 am