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Amazing Grace * A 200 + Years Letter

 A letter from an African American Lady to the World

” For centuries, millions of Africa’s sons and daughters – including many of my ancestors – struggled, bled, and died, unable to imagine what we witnessed last night.

In the days of the Middle Passage, they dreamed of returning to the motherland, their families, their language, their culture, their faith.

Those who survived the Middle Passage instilled within their offspring the dream of freedom. The Emancipation Proclamation gave them reason to hope of being recognized as free men and women.

The civil disobedience of the 60s was spawned from the desire to become full citizens of the United States of America.

One of the greatest lessons of the modern civil rights movement is that if I spend time putting someone else down, I not only impede the other’s progress but mine as well. 

In honor of my African ancestors and the millions who could not fathom the glory of the evening of June 3, 2008, I commit my thoughts, words and deeds to the high road from which Barack Obama is navigating his path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”.


Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of how much you already have. —-  Anonymous

A Telling Thoughts comment:

This is one of the finest letters I have ever read on the subject of race and equality in the United States. An empowering example of the humanity, greatness and generosity of the human spirit.

A missive in which the dreams of 200 + years are expressed in the desire of a people for proper recognition of their equal rights and equality as citizens.

A desire to realise Martin Luther King’s vision. A dream sustained only by hope and the promise of a better future. A spirit now re-energised through the potential of a new American political leader.

What an example to us all, and what a renaissance in race relations an Obama Presidency promises for America’s future and that of the entire world.

I hope you also felt inspired. 

What do you think of the letter?  Please let me know in your comments below.



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  1. I agree John, this is a beautiful letter thanks for keeping hope alive and your readers inspired. And thank you as well to Leslye.

    Posted by The Yellow Rose | June 9, 2008, 6:19 am