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A Touch of Class

The favourite son of Delaware soon realised she was no threat. But he still had to work hard.

American FlagShe strode confidently across the stage. In place of a “High Five” she threw a loud “Hi Joe” as if she was meeting an old friend. Yet they were meeting for the first time. Senator Joe Biden smiled pleasantly and replied, “Good evening Governor”.

From the starting gun, the gentleman from Delaware, unflinchingly absorbed Sarah Palin’s verbal swipes, her untruths, her brashness, her habit of winking at the audience, her having a dig at Gwen Ifill and her reading lines throughout the entire ninety minutes. To his credit Senator Biden was measured, appeared at ease, showed polite forbearance, good humour and an appreciation that all his opponent really had, was mostly repetitious hot air, a lot of cheek, and memorised lines. The favourite son of Delaware soon realised she was no threat. But he still had to work hard.

This woman from Wasilla, could never be called a class act. After only 5 weeks south of Alaska’s border she has simply become a curiosity, a diversion, a republican sideshow.  Palin is failin. (writer’s license) . She has an  unattractive attitude, little intellect, and  exhibits a shallow and incredibly frivolous approach to serious matters. Her “shout” as she referred to it, to the third graders in her home state during the Vice Presidential debate clearly demonstrated her lack of respect for the forum and the American people. Her use of language is appalling and her ideas expressed in the jargon of a “Joe six pack” have no place in or around a White House?

North to Alaska Ms Palin, and keep on Iditeroding, sounds like a good idea.

Palin quite simply, appears an ambitious woman lacking in integrity. She fits the mould of devious types who are prepared use any means to achieve their goals. That she could lie, connive and manipulate so many people via feminine wiles, to get to within a hearbeat of the Presidency of the United States is an indictment on John McCain and the Republican Party. A policy of whatever it takes. It’s a classic example of a user being used by party users. Win at all cost and the devil take the hindmost. Exactly the sort of arrogance and dishonesty the country has suffered for eight years via the Bush/McCain doctrine. And Palin is right in it – up to her mascara and lipstick. And the pigs and pitbulls now want nothing to do with it.

The prospect of a McCain presidency present a nightmarish scenario. Though on a lighter note it could be used as a plot for a Broadway play. A unbelievable script. Picture an emotionally unstable, angry, ignorant, warmongering president who happens to be a misogynist and a habitual liar. His other redeeming? features being a cheater, a savings & loan scandal crook, and a high stakes casino gambler with a short fuse. These are his good points. It might even rake in enough moolah to rescue a couple of failed banks.

Broadway would be ideal for actors of the calibre of John POW McCain and Sarah Wolf Slayer Palin. They might become the new Burns and Allen. They’re naturals, they would be ready from day one, but for the good of the country, they would not have to answer the red phone at 3 am. Yes, Broadway for these thespians would be a much better ticket.  Someone should suggest they give it a  go. It would be doing America a big favour. One thing is certain. If they remain in politics after this debacle, they will only end up with brickbats. A stunning stage performance could see them with bouquets.  Betcha!

Joe Biden’s performance sent a hopeful message to the world that intelligence, humanity and decency in new American leadership is ready and willing to right America’s ship of state. To lead by example to regain America’s good name and respect. It was a signal to all countries, that the Obama /Biden administration would mean a new game with new rules. Rules the rest of the world and the American people would appreciate. Last night Senator Biden’s message could not have been clearer nor more timely. Barack Obama would have been impressed, but not surprised, to see his running mate display a real depth of understanding on important issues and an ability to communicate his personal qualities and values to the world.

For Biden to be able to deliver his message reassuringly, with care and genuine empathy,  at a time of such deep public concern, suggests that America would be in safe hands in the calmer waters of an Obama / Biden administration. The Senator’s main mission was to talk about what the Obama / Biden ticket would mean to the American people and the world at large. And he did it well.

A snapshot of the VP debate and media interviews with Sarah Palin – 6 min

Link to : A Saturday Night Live Parody of the Debate — 9 min 29


Unlike George W Bush, who is mostly crass.  Joe Biden was truly, a touch of class. Last night at Washington University, Senator Biden looked like a leader and sounded like a leader. After November 4th, should America decide enough is enough, then watch the country lift.

Go Obama / Biden  — Go USA



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  1. Well written, articulate, intelligent and truthful story. A must read for EVERYONE!

    Posted by Melani | October 4, 2008, 12:44 am