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A Man of the People – For the People!

In actual fact the Republicans do not want Hillary Clinton to lose. She is their preferred quarry. The polls say that McCain would win against her but lose comprehensively to Obama!

As rays of early sunlight streamed through my window this morning, my computer screen trumpeted this message. “Eleven straight for Obama!” Eleven I thought.  Have I missed something? By my count, it was only ten states straight after Hawaii.  Then I recalled an article I’d seen a few weeks earlier. It would have been of interest to the candidates, but more so to those other anxious and absent participants. “The Democrats Abroad“:

Yes, that’s right.  Approved by the DNC they comprised twenty thousand plus expatriates living in around 160 different countries. The result, Obama 67% and Clinton 33%.  A margin consistent with those in Hawaii and a few other States since Super Tuesday. For the Clintons it represents the penulitimate setback prior to the results in her claimed “firewall states” of Texas and Ohio.

With Obama leading and gaining further momentum it is not the number of delegates granted from the expatriate vote which is significant. It has more to do with the growing perception that Texas and Ohio, the rich delegate states,  plus Vermont and Rhode Island voting on March 4, will likely decide the Democratic nominee.  With Democrat votes being proportionally represented by delgates allocated;  March 4 could prove to be Hillary Clinton’s Waterloo! 

For Senator Clinton to continue her campaign and remain credible, she would need to win Texas and Ohio by margins of at least 60% to 40%.  Using Bill Clinton’s own words from Iowa after the Obama win, a Clinton comeback from here would be a “fairytale”.  The current level of support shown  for Obama in both states suggests it is not going to happen.  And in the event a Clinton comeback does not occur, Democratic Party leaders should insist on an immediate Clinton concession to unite the Party as soon as the results are known.  In fact a generous concession address by Hillary Clinton, provides the best opportunity for the Clintons to regain a measure of people’s respect due to some tawdry campaign tactics.  Especially the campaign behavior of Bill Clinton.  People will be generous. 

Should the Clintons insist on continuing their failed campaign, it will be up to the nearly 800 Superdelegates to prove their worth by moving quickly to publicly commit to Obama to lock up the nomination.  Any unnecessary procrastination on their part will deliver a critical  time and financial advantage to John McCain and the Republican Party. With the Republican nomination certain to be in the hands of McCain in a matter of days, what could be better for the Democrats than to have Obama immediately able to devote his full attention to making his case against McCain for the Presidency. 

In actual fact the Republicans do not want Hillary Clinton to lose. She is their preferred quarry. The polls say that McCain would win against her but lose comprehensively to Obama. In the event they might have to face Obama they obviously want the Clinton campaign to continue to enable McCain to attack Obama from one flank supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton on the other. The Democratic Party and the Clintons must not let this happen. 

 A note to Hillary.

It is time. Time to do the right thing by your Party. Time to thank your supporters.  And it is time to consider America’s future. People are saying they want you to end this contest with grace. As a US Senator with so much more to contribute, you also have the opportunity to finish this contest as a winner.  At times we all face making difficult choices. However in making a right, but hard decision about something bigger than ourselves, we are empowered, and our spirit and humanity is enriched.  Senator Hillary Clinton, you have an important role to play in making Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.  As a man of the people for the people, his time has come.  America and the world awaits your decision.  It will fall to history to judge the merit of it!


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