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A Dear John Letter

Come on John, whose really in charge over there. It’s no good blaming Steve Schmuk Schmidt your campaign head. You are the candidate

Dear John

Yes, I’m talking to you John McCain. With your baggage of age and that infamous rage. You are, That One, the one that’s running on empty, bereft of ideas, and bereft of sage. Now hear this John, the United States of America is about to turn the page. John, when that hallelulah day arrives, the people of America will owe you big time. Why you ask? For conducting a rotten campaign of course. John, your campaign is in such bad shape it’s beginning to look like you’re running dead. You seemed to manage better when you were on your own. Just like the good old days at the controls of your plane, even though you managed to crash five times. A record I believe.

The Running Mate

But as bad judgement would have it, in looking for a running mate, you got “impalined” by lipstick. The Alaskan red on a pitbull look. A little too aggressive for Estee Lauder to sell I believe. John since you’ve been palinised, you now seem paralysed. Why in the name of Arizona John, would you choose a running mate like Sarah Palin, aka, Barracuda? She’s not only a wolf killer by nature she’s also a vote loser with her dodgy record and radical views. Your deputy’s been in town just five weeks and already the Alaska legislature has found her guilty of unlawful conduct back at their ranch. Is that a first for a VP running mate?

Playing with Fire

By the way John have you noticed, she’s the one demanding in your name “who is this Barack Obama” and worse. Come on John, whose really in charge over there. It’s no good blaming Steve Schmuk Schmidt your campaign head. You are the candidate – “my friend”.  Now you’ve got me saying it. Why are you just standing back waving and turning a crowd into a mob, letting her whip up hatred, racism, smears and riotous behaviour.

Country First?

I hear that the Secret Service is interested in discussing this with you. That would be another dubious first John. Incitement to riot it’s called. Is this the sort of behaviour Americans should expect from you as a potential President? I think not. Where are your policy plans John? Has Barack Obama got you running scared on economic policy? It certainly looks that way when all you offer as your ticket to the White House is mainly a platform of smear and inuendo. Is this the John McCain who promotes the idea he is an American hero. Is this the McCain way of putting the country first?

John that’s strike one against you!

Steering a new Course

John I appreciate that you wouldn’t want me to be the one to mention your POW experience. That’s to be expected, lest we forget, it is your pet subject. Your meal ticket in lieu of policy ideas. John Sidney McCain the third, your father was an Admiral, your grandfather was an Admiral, both were honoured and distinguished men. It appears that the third generation curse and the imperfections it endows must have touched you John? It’s the hand destiny dealt to you and the Navy board signalled this when they rejected your application for further promotion, suggesting career wise”you’ve gone about as far as you can go”.Reminds me of the lyrics from”Everything’s up to date in Kansas City”. So you got up and went, — into politics.

McCain’s irresponsible claims about Iraq … 6 min 36


Stormy Waters

How do I read the tea leaves for November 4th? John I wouldn’t know how. But I do observe your fellow republicans.They’re jumping off your campaign ship faster than rats down the mooring lines.Your colleagues have seen the way the wind is blowing. They’ve wet their fingers John. This is what some politicians do. You’ve probably abandoned the political ship on occasions over the years yourself. As an ex navy man you understand the real meaning of, “any port in a storm” and “fair weather friends”. Fair weather friends, rather sums up your relationship with the jailed savings and loan crook Charles Keating, doesn’t it John McCain.

No Foreclosures Here

Keating handsomely rewarded your political services in his dealings and you happily lapped up the benefits while his multi-billion public scam lasted. How many senior citizens lost their life savings as a result of that disgraceful and dishonest financial debacle, John McCain? Do you remember? You couldn’t even remember when a reporter recently  inquired how many houses you currently own. I will concede that was a tough question for someone who placed 894th out of a class of 899 at Annapolis. Barack Obama had to answer the same question as it applied to him. His answer, one house and one car. John, it turns out that the media after checking advised that you have 11 houses or condos and 13 cars. Is this is what you meant when you complained that the media doesn’t know enough about Obama?

John, that’s strike 2 against you!

The View from Afar

John, do you realise that if Australians were eligible to vote on November 4th, that Barack Obama would win the election in a landslide according to the latest Readers Digest poll.  Australians and those in other countries have valid reasons to be interested in the calibre of the person who occupies the Oval Office and the reason is clear. What happens in America touches every corner of the world. Senator McCain, your good friend George W Bush, whose policies you have enthusiastically supported 90% of the time, has done enormous damage to Australia. His rash decisions have cost Australian lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. More fool our former Prime Minister John Howard, for trusting Bush. This is no way to treat a friend and ally.

A reminder of American sacrifice in all wars

The Battle Hymn of the Republic ..  Americans in World War Two  .. 3 min 54

Australians don’t trust you either, Senator McCain. The one redeeming feature about the length of the Presidential selection process is that it provides people with the opportunity to get to know more about the candidates. In your case John, an opportunity to investigate the myth of McCain, to expose the real McCain and to see with our own eyes, how you perform under pressure. John I am now able to tell you what I have learned after all of the primaries, and with the general election only days away? John McCain, I have learned that you are not equipped to be President of the United States. Senator Barack Obama is, and the rest of the World agrees.

John that’s strike three and you are out!

Will ye no come back agin McSame?

John, a few suggestions to work on should you decide to make a comeback at 76 years of age in 2012. A little self improvement work. Enrol in an anger management course, take classes in personal and professional ethics, accept responsibility for your actions, stop trying to be someone you are not and remember, respect has to be earned. One more thing John, try telling the truth, you’ll find it a liberating experience. Perhaps your pitbull protege Sarah Barracuda, will be keen to have another tilt at republican rabble rousing now you have whetted her lipstick. Some people never learn.

Goodbye John.

Go Obama / Biden Yes we can



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  1. I wish this could be published in every newspaper in the country.
    I rate it excellent!

    Posted by Helena Fee | October 12, 2008, 1:40 am
  2. Well written and right on point…all points.

    I am going to send it along to all my Obama groups.

    You have been able to sum up the destruction caused by McCain to the republican party during this election. I cannot tell you how many life long repubs are turning their backs on their own party and are, I am happy to say, voting for Obama!

    Posted by fran Strombotne | October 12, 2008, 10:26 pm
  3. You’ve said it well here. I just hope he hears it. I used to think highly of McCain, even though I am not a Republican. He has sunk to the very depths in this campaign. I could not believe my eyes and ears, watching him all but call Obama a terrorist and when the crowd began shouting “Off with his head!” and “Kill him!” what did McCain do? He stood there at the podium and just grinned! For shame! In a country that saw the assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and MLK, Jr., that saw the shootings of Gov. Wallace and President Reagan, what was McCain thinking? Or, perhaps, he wasn’t thinking at all!!

    Posted by DianaGainer | October 13, 2008, 12:05 am
  4. Words of Widsom to our future President Obama.

    In response to Sarah Palin issues on abortions. When ask do you support abortions?

    Answer: Since abortions are legal by law and I’m neutral on that issue. If a woman chooses to have an abortion, that will be her right. That is her personal and private decision.

    Posted by Chazz | October 13, 2008, 7:19 am
  5. Thank you for these clear observations. The politics of old are tired and showing their wear and tear.

    I will be so glad when we can put all of the stress of the election and the nonsense that comes with the campaigns behind us and move forward into a brand new era. It will be extremely rewarding to have an intelligent, capable and forward thinking President Obama, running this country at last!

    I think we all need this major change, and we need to be respected throughout the rest of the world once again, as well.

    Posted by Cam | October 13, 2008, 5:02 pm
  6. Thank you for this letter.

    However, I wanted to correct you on one thing… McCain was actually 894th out of 899 at Annapolis.

    I thought you might want to have the correct ranking if this goes farther. (Editor: Thank you Suzanne, correction made)

    Best regards.

    No way, no how, no McCain!

    Posted by Suzanne | October 14, 2008, 2:56 pm
  7. Thank you again, dear John, for this “Dear John letter”!

    Each time I open my computer, I scroll down to see your name because I cannot wait to read your “thoughts”…they are always so clever and informative… I wish you could work with Barack Obama, here in the US…!!!

    Today CNN asked the question…”Why will you NOT vote for a BLACK man for President”…if they are speaking of physical attributes, it would be fair to also ask…”Why will you NOT vote for an OLD, SICK, CONFUSED, WHITE man for President”…!!!

    Here, in Ohio, we were able to vote early…I voted on Oct.*, on your Birthday, as my way of saying “thank you, dear John, for what you have done for us and Barack Obama, our next President!”

    Editor: Apologies MF, date deleted for security reasons.

    Posted by Marie-France | October 15, 2008, 7:07 am