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A Cunning Fox Snares Palin The Job Hunter

Murdoch’s  Fox plan to launch Palin provides her with a national platform from which to make headline grabbing comment and claims, no matter how superficial or unfounded.

Breaking News From Fox

Fox News has just announced that Sarah Palin will be joining the Fox National Media team. Quote: ” The former Alaska governor, whose book, Going Rogue, An American Life, became a bestseller weeks before it was released and remains No. 2 on the New York Times bestseller list, has signed a multi-year deal to offer her political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms, including Fox Business Channel, FoxNews.com and Fox News Radio. She will also participate in special event political programming for Fox Broadcasting”.

My Prediction of November

This is precisely what I suggested might happen in my article of 20th November 2009, titled The Transparency of Sarah Palin.  In the piece, I wrote that this would likely be the path chosen by Palin after her resignation as the governor of  Alaska. That she would in future pursue wealth and celebrity via a national role in the media, rather than settle for a career of public service to the American people. The latter being  an area of public life she had experienced and cast aside without completing her elected term of office.

The Fox and The Wolf Hunter

Meanwhile Fox, also mentioned in the article as Palin’s likely future employer, has now invited Palin into it’s den of political ignorance and stupidity with exactly the right bait. A promise of bags of money and national exposure,  from a media group which shows scant respect for well informed and unbiased reporting. The atmosphere at Fox should suit Sarah to a tee. Fox’s plan to launch Palin provides her with a national platform from which to make headline grabbing comments and claims, no matter how superficial or unfounded.  If she runs true to form this will include a torrent of anti Obama rants in her role as a prime time female version (appearance excepted) of Rush Limbaugh, to increase Fox’s ratings.

The Viewers Will Come

A strategy designed to guarantee wider coverage by all manner of media outlets and blogs other than just Fox News groups. Sarah Palin in the media, the self – admitted political rogue, has the profile to attract new viewers and listeners to Fox TV and Fox Radio. She will initially evoke interest from groups who wouldn’t normally go to Fox, including Democrats curious to hear and see first hand whatever Palin is doing and saying. Extremism of the Palin brand attracts viewers like moths to a flame.

Murdoch & The Power of Sex Appeal

As chairman and founder of News Limited, the parent company of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch clearly understands the ratings value of  Palin’s sex appeal and the pulling power of her national celebrity status. He knows that serious political content does not rate anywhere near as highly as so called ” celebrity” content in America these days.  In capturing Palin he recognises that she has become the best known and most controversial female across all age groups in America today. In addition she remains a person of considerable public interest for her views about women aside from the world of politics. Figuratively speaking, he is getting a lot of bang for his buck.

She Played Her Cards Right

Rupert Murdoch obviously considers that she will deliver  significant audience numbers from day one. And he is probably right. The record level of sales of Palin’s book, Going Rogue, An American Life,  provided evidence of her popular support more accurately than could any poll. This was the Murdoch test she had to pass, even though she didn’t write one word of the book thanks to the hired help of the American author and writer, Lynn Vincent of San Diego California.

The Master of the Game

Murdoch’s selection of Palin is based on a tried and true Rupert strategy. It is a simple formula. i.e. Audience ratings determines advertising revenue. Therefore national media coverage supported by high ratings, equates to political power and influence.  His business is media and all media in the Murdoch stable is committed to making money and playing politics. These day it seems “Tripe” as content is trumps, especially when it makes money. And in the United States it is pervasive. “Greed” is destroying the American dream.

Sarah Palin’s appointment is just another example of the media’s role in the dumbing down of America. It is a disgrace!

The Chinese and the Russians must be delighted.



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  1. I was reading someone’s reaction on a website today and they commented that they thought she was rehabing her image in order to run in 2012. When you think about it, that’s really possible.

    Posted by David English | January 12, 2010, 10:12 pm
  2. Your predictions are on point. Brilliant analysis.

    Editor: Thank you Wendy! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Posted by Wendy | January 14, 2010, 1:23 pm