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A Touch of Class

From the starting gun, the gentleman from Delaware, unflinchingly absorbed Sarah Palin’s verbal swipes, her untruths, her brashness, her habit of winking at the audience, her having a dig at Gwen Ifill, and her reading lines throughout the entire ninety minutes. To his credit Senator Biden was measured, appeared at ease, showed polite forbearance, good humour and an appreciation that all his opponent really had, was mostly repetitious hot air, a lot of cheek, and memorised lines.

Sarah from the Second Grade

Wow,Sarah,that is impressive.That’s really early career planning. Even then you were considering a life of beauty contests, sports broadcasting or with luck and one of your stock standard smiles, charging through the bearpit of politics. Winning in politics is like fighting with a bear, Sarah. You know a lot about bears, you’ve killed so many. However in politics, there’s no prize for second place and guns aren’t allowed. Right, Ms Barracuda?

Taking the Obama Road

As we have come to learn, things don’t always work out as originally planned.That’s when old sayings are dragged out to give reason.The sardonic smartypants jokes like,”It’s Murphy’s Law”or” The best laid plans go astray”.This was one of those times. Instead of being able to write at a leisurely pace, I was about to enter a high pressure literary and political reporting race requiring a lot of homework,and a highly disciplined workload.

Amazing Grace * A 200 + Years Letter

This is one of the finest letters I have ever read on the subject of race and equality in the United States. An empowering example of the humanity, greatness and generosity of the human spirit. A missive in which the dreams of 200 + years are expressed in the desire of a people for proper recognition of their equal rights and equality as citizens. A desire to realise Martin Luther King’s vision. A dream sustained only by hope and the promise of a better future. A spirit now re-energised through the potential of a new American political leader.

At the heart of America’s problems / Media idiots

Little needs to said about the degree of ignorance and the lack of common courtesy which exists in media today. The video of this American TV program interview demonstrates the level to which media in the United States has sunk. If your children behaved in this manner you would be rightly concerned. What sort of mentality employs these rude ignoramuses – or is the plural ignorami? Perhaps I need to do some further research also.

Clinton Michelle & McCain

I was delighted to read that.. My first reaction was,”nor the extent of mine either.”Of one thing I am certain, Michelle Obama wouldn’t want Clinton acting as “the trojan horse” while her disgusting husband ran interference in Barack’s White House. Michelle knows they would. She also realises what that would do to his Presidency. And she is right.