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Some Silly Sentences / Seven Days Out

It is mind boggling to think back and recall how it all began with Iowa and how long this journey has been. I have tried to imagine how Barack feels, including all of you who have organised, volunteered, donated, and dedicated yourselves to the cause. Everyone who has been involved in this campaign should feel very proud. It has been an amazing effort and an historic contest. Now in only seven days, the fruits of your labour will be known. This final drive could make all the difference

The Pennsylvania & Indiana New Deal!

Send the Clintons who do not speak the truth out of politics and the deluded warmonger McCain with them. If you get it wrong this time, then you are playing straight into China’s hands. That’s where the Clinton and Bush / McCain trade agreements send your money and your jobs. That must change.

The Power of One

Many years ago I read “The Power of One”, an amazing and inspirational book by the Australian author Bryce Courtenay. A superb movie based on the book followed. Those who have had the privilege to read it, will appreciate its relevance to this article.