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August Nights & Obama Days

Giving Bill Clinton a speaking role has provided him with an ideal platform from which to damn Obama with faint praise. In effect to do a Mark Antony. Clinton with his gift for words (truth never gets in the way) could undermine Obama so surgically in the eyes of near recovering Hillary supporters and superdelegates as to suggest that having her name placed on the roll is evidence that the nomination process remains open.

How to Close Camp Clinton

This places Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in an intolerable position. Yet one simple step may resolve the problem. It involves the Obama campaign inviting their delegates and superdelegates to forward their Obama endorsement via a statutory declaration valid to November 30th 2008. A copy of the document to be lodged at the Party’s National HQ within 7 days. A statutory declaration carrying the endorsement would not be subject to change during its currency.

When Less Is More / Simply Brazile – ient!

With those powerful words Donna Brazile stood tall. She sent a signal to every DNC member charged with the responsibility of making a fair decision on Florida and Michigan that if America was to have regard for the basic principles endowed by the country’s founding fathers, respect for and adherence to rules and laws was essential.

The Clinton Legacy / Disgrace

Clinton’s remarks about Bobby Kennedy suggested that staying in the contest left open the opportunity to take advantage of a possible mishap or tragedy. She denies this, as she does everything else, but this clearly says that her inner thoughts are so focused on how to remove this detested nomination obstacle, namely Obama, she has inadvertently allowed the world an unmistakeable and disturbing insight into the workings of her machievellian mind.

Clinton tries to destroy Obama

SHE’S AFTER RANSOM NOT VOTES April 23, 2008 — PITTSBURGH – Just when you thought the Democratic Party could not suffer any more indignities, Pennsylvania officials kept liquor stores in the state closed yesterday for primary day – a day Democrats really needed a drink. Once again, Hillary Rodham Clinton didn’t utterly collapse, nor did […]

Pressure on Superdelegates

Reid, Pelosi Talk Tough to Superdelegates    (newser) – Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean plan to coordinate demands that uncommitted Democratic superdelegates endorse a candidate—and well before August’s convention. Senate Majority Leader Reid said yesterday that “this matter will be over no later than July 1,” Congressional Quarterly reports. House Speaker Pelosi added that […]

Wall Street Journal * It’s Obama

The prestigious Wall Street Journal has suggested that Senator Barack Obama was likely to take out the Democratic Party nomination.  Writing in his column Wonderland columnist Dan Henniger said despite her win in Pennsylvania, its over for Hillary Clinton. Excerpt…… Dan Henninger’s article ” I believe the cement set around the Clinton coffin last Friday. The Obama […]

Come Judgement Day

After all of the debates, all of the caucuses, all of the primaries, all of the expense, all of the public infighting, and the possibility of a Party split of such magnitude, the Republications would be gifted the keys to the White House; the burning question for the fence sitting Superdelegates must be; When should we act and how should we act? Doing nothing is fast disappearing as an option. Delay is risking everything. And for what! Playing russian roulette with the Party’s future,is a very dangerous game.