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Obama Campaign Memo – Superdelegates

 Obama Campaign’s Memo to Superdelegates TO: Superdelegates FR: Obama Campaign RE: The strongest candidate to face John McCain DA: April 24, 2008 Who’s the strongest candidate to take on John McCain? After 45 contests, Senator Obama has won more delegates, twice as many states and territories, and more of the popular vote. He’s won in […]

Come Judgement Day

After all of the debates, all of the caucuses, all of the primaries, all of the expense, all of the public infighting, and the possibility of a Party split of such magnitude, the Republications would be gifted the keys to the White House; the burning question for the fence sitting Superdelegates must be; When should we act and how should we act? Doing nothing is fast disappearing as an option. Delay is risking everything. And for what! Playing russian roulette with the Party’s future,is a very dangerous game.

Breaking News!

Obama Campaign Response to Clinton’s Latest Attack PHILADELPHIA, PA – Hari Sevugan, spokesman for Obama for America, released the following statement in response to remarks delivered by Senator Clinton this morning in Indianapolis: “We won’t be lectured on being out of touch by Senator Clinton, who believes lobbyists represent real people and is awash in […]

The Status Quo!

All along Barack Obama has maintained he wants people to vote for the best candidate. The person most likely to pursue sound policies and the one who is capable of bringing about real change. Obama’s real battle will not be the challenge of defeating McCain. The real enemy is within. I have a feeling he knows it. The American people also need to know it before they vote in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Texas win to Obama forecast

Texas win to Obama forecast:  A bit like the old saying ‘news of my death is premature’. The Obama campaign today revealed that they are likely to have come out of Texas with an even greater delegate result than Hillary Clinton. The release reads: AUSTIN — Obama Texas State Director Adrian Saenz issued a statement on the […]

The Ohio Debate + Video

I won’t take up the individual issues which Obama clearly won. It suffices to say that he also won the debate in all other departments. Including:  Ease under pressure, clarity of positions and policy, humour, courtesy and the overall presentation of his case. Remember Hillary Clinton saying on many occasions that words don’t matter, its what […]