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Illinois Ends Blagojevich Farce

As I watched the Senate deliver it’s damning verdict live via C-Span, I was reminded of the credo of former US Supreme Court Justice Brandeis – “sunshine is the best disinfectant”. A philosophy that ex Governor, now plain – Mr Blagojevich, would never support.

The Man Who Never Was

The impulsive warmonger John McCain rushes to judgement, Barack Obama does not. People are beginning to understand, that unlike McCain, Obama weighs things carefully, he consults with experts, he asks quality questions, and then as his record shows, he usually makes a good decision. He acts like a modern leader.This builds confidence.

Obama All Sense Vs McCain Nonsense

John McCain keeps saying, “I know how to deal with Bin Laden, I know how to”get” him. I’ve got the experience”. This is crazy stuff from McCain, and unfortunately Barack let this claim go unchallenged. Maybe he believes that most people can see through this McCain nonsense. Think about it. If McCain knows how to”get” Bin Laden as he puts it, why hasn’t he let his Commander in chief and good friend President Bush or anyone else into the secret. Bush and the American military top brass need to hear “McCain’s” strategy for nailing Osama Bin Laden. Somehow I think they’ll be waiting a long time.

Palin the PREDATOR!

What sort of a message does this photo send to parents and children? What does it say about Palin the politician as a person? This is not the 1930’s, when people killed animals for sport and trophies. This woman needs re -education. The idea that Sarah Palin possesses the qualities, skills and judgement to be Vice President and possibly President of the United States of America insults the intelligence of the American people and is ludicrous in the extreme.

The November Man

No doubt former Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during the second world war would have agreed with General Clark. Perhaps this explains why his highly respected daughter,a republican and loyal American Suzie Eisenhower, is now supporting Senator Barack Obama.

Clinton Campaign Chaos

A Telling Thoughts Opinion My comments on one segment of an article in The New Republic titled – “What Went Wrong?” by Michelle Cottle.  May 16th 2008/ Quote: The New Republic article – Introduction  The exclusive story of Hillary’s fall, as told by the high-level advisors, staffers, fundraisers, and on-the-ground organizers who lived it. So it is that we […]

The Accidental Hero

It has been said that McCains prime motivation in seeking the Presidency is to surpass his predecessors achievements. He wouldn’t be the first man with such a goal. Possibly it is also McCain’s love of power which drives him. That’s not new either. The words “Commander in chief” would be music to his ears and the majestic strains of “Hail to the Chief” would lead his top forty chart any time.

The Status Quo!

All along Barack Obama has maintained he wants people to vote for the best candidate. The person most likely to pursue sound policies and the one who is capable of bringing about real change. Obama’s real battle will not be the challenge of defeating McCain. The real enemy is within. I have a feeling he knows it. The American people also need to know it before they vote in Pennsylvania and beyond.

The Carpetbagger Candidate!

The surest way for the Democrats to lose the general election is to nominate Hillary Clinton. She is the candidate who divides the Democrats and unites and empowers the Republicans. She would singlehandedly be responsible for the shift of many Independent voters to the Republican fold, together with a massive swathe of Obama Democrats and disillusioned Republicans. It would take the Democratic Party decades to recover.

The Power of One

Many years ago I read “The Power of One”, an amazing and inspirational book by the Australian author Bryce Courtenay. A superb movie based on the book followed. Those who have had the privilege to read it, will appreciate its relevance to this article.