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“Inaugural Memories” of An Obama Volunteer

Telling Thoughts

A few weeks ago I invited a dedicated Obama campaign volunteer from North Carolina (a lady who prefers to remain anonymous) to consider recording her feelings and memories following her much anticipated sojourn to Washington DC for the inauguration of her country’s 44th President.

My thanks go to her for this fine contribution

America’s Favourite Community Organiser

John McCain you are a clear and present danger to the United States. The Republican convention was conducted in an atmosphere more reminiscent of Germany’s Nuremburg SS & SA rallies of the 1930’s under Adolf Hitler. It was an ominous spectacle. We must not forget the gawking, mocking performance of Mr “Rude”Guiliani and the new sop aimed at the women of America, Ms Predator Palin.

August Nights & Obama Days

Giving Bill Clinton a speaking role has provided him with an ideal platform from which to damn Obama with faint praise. In effect to do a Mark Antony. Clinton with his gift for words (truth never gets in the way) could undermine Obama so surgically in the eyes of near recovering Hillary supporters and superdelegates as to suggest that having her name placed on the roll is evidence that the nomination process remains open.

Clinton loses big $ raiser to Obama

From NBC’s Chuck Todd One of the things that both Dem campaigns are always nervous about is defectors. In particular, Clinton is more vulnerable to this problem since she’s the candidate that is trailing. Well, NBC News has learned that a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, former Amb. to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon is leaving the […]