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Come Judgement Day

After all of the debates, all of the caucuses, all of the primaries, all of the expense, all of the public infighting, and the possibility of a Party split of such magnitude, the Republications would be gifted the keys to the White House; the burning question for the fence sitting Superdelegates must be; When should we act and how should we act? Doing nothing is fast disappearing as an option. Delay is risking everything. And for what! Playing russian roulette with the Party’s future,is a very dangerous game.

The Philadelphia Primary

I have just returned home to Massachusetts from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania after spending the week campaigning for Senator Obama. It was a 350 mile trip and we worked a full day 9 am to 9 pm

Philadelphia’s D Day

In a matter of hours the voters of Pennsylvania will make a choice, the effect of which will change people’s lives and impact on the state’s manufacturing future and related industries for generations to come. If Pennsylvania chooses Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, then they might as well hang their heads in shame for not paying attention to what Clinton truly represents in the eyes of a world which is obviously much better informed.

The ABC Philadelphia Debate

Telling Thoughts The ABC America / Obama Vs Clinton Primary Debate National Constitution Centre  Philadelphia Pennsylvania / 16th April 2008 It is difficult not to smile wryly at what the ABC tried to do in the debate. A lot of expectation and emotional energy on this side was invested in the event and that means we risk suffering an equal measure of […]

The Pennsylvania Pronouncement!

Today in Pennsylvania, Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama stared down the ogre of racism and won. His address in Pennsylvania titled “A More Perfect Union” will surely rank among the great political addresses in American history. See the video of the entire address delivered at the Constitution Center – Philadelphia USA.