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Sarah from the Second Grade

Wow,Sarah,that is impressive.That’s really early career planning. Even then you were considering a life of beauty contests, sports broadcasting or with luck and one of your stock standard smiles, charging through the bearpit of politics. Winning in politics is like fighting with a bear, Sarah. You know a lot about bears, you’ve killed so many. However in politics, there’s no prize for second place and guns aren’t allowed. Right, Ms Barracuda?

Wall Street Robbers & Washington Friends

Unlike Bill Clinton’s legacy, President Franklin Delanor Rooseveldt, affectionately known as FDR, is especially remembered for his remarks following the signing into law of the financial regulations contained in the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. Also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162). Rooseveldt saw the Depression as a matter of confidence, people had stopped spending, investing and employing labor because they were afraid. As he stated in his inaugural address “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Taking the Obama Road

As we have come to learn, things don’t always work out as originally planned.That’s when old sayings are dragged out to give reason.The sardonic smartypants jokes like,”It’s Murphy’s Law”or” The best laid plans go astray”.This was one of those times. Instead of being able to write at a leisurely pace, I was about to enter a high pressure literary and political reporting race requiring a lot of homework,and a highly disciplined workload.

Clinton’s Convention Oration / Beware!

I won’t apologise for attempting to seize the nomination. Only I can beat McCain. No one is going to beat a Clinton. Bill and I know how to play hardball. We play to win, no rules, whatever it takes. There will be no “fairytales” for Barack Obama – Friends, Democrats and Countrymen – This is your comeback queen – Yes I Am – I think?

A Vice President Clinton?

With the Clinton campaign in tatters following the results in North Carolina and Indiana, it now appears the next machievellian element of the Clinton strategy has been activated. It’s Clinton’s plan B. If they can’t change the rules to steal the nomination, plan B is to get within a heartbeat of the Oval Office. The Vice Presidency.

The High Road Vs the Low Road

The real question on May 6th, is will the voters of North Carolina and Indiana consider the needs of their country, their state and their fellow citizens, or will they fall for the political bribe of a measly fist full of dollars involved in the short term gas tax deal offered by Hillary Clinton. A proposal so flawed it was rejected by no less an authortity than the American Road & Transportation Builders Association and 150 Economists in a signed letter.

Wall St Journal – Clinton Mystery Donor Concerns

REVIEW & OUTLOOK Clinton Foundation Secrets Transparency is a popular word in this presidential election, with all three candidates finally having released their tax returns. Yet the public still hasn’t seen the records of an institution with some of the biggest potential for special-interest mischief: The William J. Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton established that body […]

America’s Don Quixote!

 With Nader you could leave mid speech, win a New York marathon and still be back in time for the punchline. For Ralph Nader the time has arrived. Time to accept the inescapable truth that his date with destiny in a political sense, is long past. Unlike Barack Obama, Nader could never comprehend the philosophy of “the fierce urgency of now”. Yet to the annoyance of hordes of Americans […]

The Bush man goeth!

In Australia the skills of the Bushman are so highly regarded, the legend is captured in the folklore of this wide brown land.  Contrast this with the skills set of another “Bush” man from across the pond. You know, the Texan guy in the Oval Office.  In January 2009, to everyone’s relief, George W Bush will not only enter history, he will be history!  After eight […]