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“Inaugural Memories” of An Obama Volunteer

Telling Thoughts

A few weeks ago I invited a dedicated Obama campaign volunteer from North Carolina (a lady who prefers to remain anonymous) to consider recording her feelings and memories following her much anticipated sojourn to Washington DC for the inauguration of her country’s 44th President.

My thanks go to her for this fine contribution

A Vice President Clinton?

With the Clinton campaign in tatters following the results in North Carolina and Indiana, it now appears the next machievellian element of the Clinton strategy has been activated. It’s Clinton’s plan B. If they can’t change the rules to steal the nomination, plan B is to get within a heartbeat of the Oval Office. The Vice Presidency.

Clinton debate bid

  Clinton challenges Obama to more debates Posted by: Andy Sullivan EAST CHICAGO, Ind. – Democratic presidential candidates have held more than 20 debates. Evidently that’s not enough for Hillary Clinton. Clinton is pressing her final rival, Barack Obama, to debate her in Indiana and North Carolina, which hold their primary contests on May 6. […]

Superdelegates in the wings

Democrats’ last chance to change White House race By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton addresses a campaign rally at Methodist University’s Riddle Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina, April 24, 2008. REUTERS/Sara Davis WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The next Democratic showdowns on May 6 give Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton one more […]