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Obama for white working class

Obama says he will fine-tune his campaign Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:50pm BST By Jeff Mason INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama said on Friday he would fine-tune his presidential campaign pitch and remind voters of his humble roots after a defeat in Pennsylvania fuelled in part by his failure to win working-class voters. Obama, […]

America through the looking glass!

When considering the present state of affairs in the United States and the legacy of the combined Clinton and Bush regimes, it is clear that the influence and moral authority of America has been seriously eroded during these two Presidencies, and the American people have silently borne the insult. A poor reward indeed for what the United States has under earlier administrations contributed to the free world.

America’s Don Quixote!

 With Nader you could leave mid speech, win a New York marathon and still be back in time for the punchline. For Ralph Nader the time has arrived. Time to accept the inescapable truth that his date with destiny in a political sense, is long past. Unlike Barack Obama, Nader could never comprehend the philosophy of “the fierce urgency of now”. Yet to the annoyance of hordes of Americans […]

The Texas Gambler!

Obama has demonstrated by temperament and sound judgement, he knows when to hold ’em   The Kenny Rogers country and western classic ” The Gambler”, reflects the rationale behind Barack Obama’s brilliant campaign for the White House. Launching his bid for the Presidency in Springfield, Illinois, in February 2007, he readily admitted he was gambling that the […]

A Man of the People – For the People!

In actual fact the Republicans do not want Hillary Clinton to lose. She is their preferred quarry. The polls say that McCain would win against her but lose comprehensively to Obama! As rays of early sunlight streamed through my window this morning, my computer screen trumpeted this message. “Eleven straight for Obama!” Eleven I thought.  Have I missed something? […]