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“Inaugural Memories” of An Obama Volunteer

Telling Thoughts

A few weeks ago I invited a dedicated Obama campaign volunteer from North Carolina (a lady who prefers to remain anonymous) to consider recording her feelings and memories following her much anticipated sojourn to Washington DC for the inauguration of her country’s 44th President.

My thanks go to her for this fine contribution

Campaigning in Nevada * The Hillary Videos!

Looking a lot more relaxed than in the Primaries, HRC did a fine job in Nevada. I think she is angling for the job as the Secretary for Health in an Obama administration. I have no problems with that, providing she is genuine in her support for Obama. She won’t get a better offer at the moment – I am sure. Clinton’s Nevada performance showed how much better she is without that no good lying husband of hers hanging about.

Baseload Renewable Power / Solar Thermal = 90% US Needs

Baseload renewable power at utility-scale is here and it is US based Ausra Inc who has the solution with it’s Solar thermal technology.The technology was originally developed in Australia by Dr. David Mills. Unfortunately for the Australian economy Dr Mills had to take his technology to the United States to get the funding he required to continue this technology through to production stage. We believe that Ausra Inc’s Solar thermal technology is the single most promising of all technologies we have shown at PaleBluDot, in it’s ability to reduce greenhouse emissions on a global scale and to do so at a comparable cost to coal and nuclear power generation