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Lipstick On His Collar!

In just fifty three days, on November 4th 2008, America risks witnessing the prospect of seeing an unqualified, academically challenged, age challenged, knowledge challenged, work ethic challenged, temperament challenged, ego inflated, disingenuous, warmongering and always reckless John McCain, elected as the Republican President of the United States of America.

A Clueless McCain / America’s Future At Risk

Meanwhile on the other side of the ledger it was just the opposite. Democrats were becoming very excited indeed. Barack Obama the “Yes we can man” was breaking all sorts of new fundraising records and gathering crowds never seen before in American politics.The former Republican Senator, Bob Dole interviewed on MSNBC snidely called them,”A cult led by some sort of a Pied Piper”.”It won’t go anywhere” he predicted.

At the heart of America’s problems / Media idiots

Little needs to said about the degree of ignorance and the lack of common courtesy which exists in media today. The video of this American TV program interview demonstrates the level to which media in the United States has sunk. If your children behaved in this manner you would be rightly concerned. What sort of mentality employs these rude ignoramuses – or is the plural ignorami? Perhaps I need to do some further research also.

The Status Quo!

All along Barack Obama has maintained he wants people to vote for the best candidate. The person most likely to pursue sound policies and the one who is capable of bringing about real change. Obama’s real battle will not be the challenge of defeating McCain. The real enemy is within. I have a feeling he knows it. The American people also need to know it before they vote in Pennsylvania and beyond.

California Dreaming!

There was absolutely no doubt in Hillary’s mind either. From the beginning she always felt the nomination was hers for the taking. Who could stand in her way? Certainly not the naive smooth talking Barack Obama, with his silly campaign slogans and a first up lucky win in Iowa.