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Obama takes Mississippi – CNN

Senator Barack Obama has now taken his 30th State by winning Mississippi today according to CNN exit poll projections with 54% of the Precincts reporting. Obama at this point in the count has achieved approximately 57% of the vote Vs Clinton’s 41%. The comparisons are States won Obama 30 Vs Clinton 14.  33 delegates will be proportionally divided between […]

Separate Tables!

The DNC should recognise that in Barack Obama, they don’t just have their nominee – they have the next President of the United States of America. One further important consideration. In their nature and conduct, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sit at separate tables in life. Oil and water do not mix, neither does such an implausible political partnership.

Wonderful Wyoming!

Caucus News from Wyoming! Senator Barack Obama slammed another nail into the Clinton campaign coffin today with a win of 59% vs Clinton 40% despite her husband and daughter actively campaigning in the state over the past few days.  Notoriously a Republican stronghold, Barack Obama  in Wyoming proved once again what only he can do, and […]