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Ferraro / The White Wright

In saying she would have difficulty voting for Obama if he is the nominee, Ferraro is sending a coded message on behalf of Clinton to all women. If Obama gets the Democratic nomination then her message decodes to “If its not Hillary – vote for McCain”. In the meantime Clinton will do her best to ensure that Obama is so badly undermined he might not prevail against McCain. This will be done by appearing to be supportive and attempting in the name of her supporters to gain a place within his inner circle.

The Status Quo!

All along Barack Obama has maintained he wants people to vote for the best candidate. The person most likely to pursue sound policies and the one who is capable of bringing about real change. Obama’s real battle will not be the challenge of defeating McCain. The real enemy is within. I have a feeling he knows it. The American people also need to know it before they vote in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Geraldine Ferraro – Clinton’s attack dog

A senior member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance committee Geraldine Ferraro, has claimed that the only reason Barack Obama is leading in the Democratic nomination contest, is because he is black. How charming! – coming from a Democrat and former Vice Presidential candidate. Where do they find these sort of people?  How come they finish up supporting Clinton.  Is it a case of  birds […]