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The Vision Splendid

The Invesco Field stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, a sporting arena more attuned to the frenzied roars of the home team fans, felt a new rhythm today, as long held and deep emotions bought tears of joy and hope and much excitement to many hearts, young and old, all motivated by different life experiences, but one shared dream.

August Nights & Obama Days

Giving Bill Clinton a speaking role has provided him with an ideal platform from which to damn Obama with faint praise. In effect to do a Mark Antony. Clinton with his gift for words (truth never gets in the way) could undermine Obama so surgically in the eyes of near recovering Hillary supporters and superdelegates as to suggest that having her name placed on the roll is evidence that the nomination process remains open.

DNCC National Youth Essay Contest * Grade 8 & 12 Winners to Denver Convention

Denver’s Jared Jolton and Manitou Springs’ Mari Tanabe will attend the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado, as the top ‘Write To Lead’ Youth Essay Contest Winners for 2008. Read and enjoy these inspiring contributions from American youth.

USA Elections – A Dog’s Breakfast

Super Delegates! There is nothing super about this aspect of an extremely complex and undemocratic system! This year more than 750 appointed officials will act as so called Super Delegates to vote at the 2007 Democratic Party National Convention in Denver. These comprise Democrat National Committee representatives,Governors and a myriad of other elected officials. Think […]