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Clinton’s Impossible Dream

Clinton’s association with his Presidency would be a disaster for him. It would taint the image of the new administration from the outset. He would not be able to trust her and he would always need to be on his guard. The American people owe the Clintons nothing and it is time the Clinton brand of politics was dispensed with in exchange for honest, open and responsible government. That would be real change.

Obama + DNC Fundraising Filing

Obama-DNC Fundraising Deal After a series of discussions, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have decided to file papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing a “joint fundraising agreement.” Under the law, such a committee can accept up to $28,500 from individuals, most of which would go to the DNC. Presumptive Republican nominee John […]

Indiana * Obama Leads Clinton / McCain

Star/WTHR Poll:Obama edges Clinton Officials in both camps agree: The race is a toss-up that will remain hotly competitive By Mary Beth Schneider Posted: April 25, 2008 Sen. Barack Obama holds a narrow lead over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Indiana, with the outcome of the May 6 primary likely in the hands of a large number […]

The ABC Philadelphia Debate

Telling Thoughts The ABC America / Obama Vs Clinton Primary Debate National Constitution Centre  Philadelphia Pennsylvania / 16th April 2008 It is difficult not to smile wryly at what the ABC tried to do in the debate. A lot of expectation and emotional energy on this side was invested in the event and that means we risk suffering an equal measure of […]

Obama takes Mississippi – CNN

Senator Barack Obama has now taken his 30th State by winning Mississippi today according to CNN exit poll projections with 54% of the Precincts reporting. Obama at this point in the count has achieved approximately 57% of the vote Vs Clinton’s 41%. The comparisons are States won Obama 30 Vs Clinton 14.  33 delegates will be proportionally divided between […]

Wonderful Wyoming!

Caucus News from Wyoming! Senator Barack Obama slammed another nail into the Clinton campaign coffin today with a win of 59% vs Clinton 40% despite her husband and daughter actively campaigning in the state over the past few days.  Notoriously a Republican stronghold, Barack Obama  in Wyoming proved once again what only he can do, and […]

The Texas Gambler!

Obama has demonstrated by temperament and sound judgement, he knows when to hold ’em   The Kenny Rogers country and western classic ” The Gambler”, reflects the rationale behind Barack Obama’s brilliant campaign for the White House. Launching his bid for the Presidency in Springfield, Illinois, in February 2007, he readily admitted he was gambling that the […]