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The Victory Speech / President Elect Obama

Never in the experience of Americans, particularly older African Americans, did they by their own admission, ever imagine such a result was possible. At Grant Park and across America, tears of unadulterated joy flooded the cheeks of young and old, rich and poor, and all manner of people who in their ethnic and racial diversity comprise the population of the United States. As the euphoria grew, it triggered a joyful release of long pent up and very deep feelings.Their emotion was palpable, moving and beautiful to see.This was humanity at its finest.Change came to America, on that momentous November night!

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The winds of change in America ? It’s more like a tornado. Americans in their droves and diversity are rejecting the politics of the past to embrace a new people’s champion as their next President. Barack Obama. Suddenly everyone feels a little safer and more at peace. With hope at hand they are already thinking about a better future. Yes […]