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An Australian For Barack

For ease of access and as an historical record for Obama supporters,”An Australian for Barack” is a group listing of 50 of the 121 magazine articles I managed to write while supporting Barack via my website Telling Thoughts during the 2008 US Presidential campaign. Links to the articles, many of which include videos,are listed monthly in chronological order.

In Answer to Antonia!

As you will see, this story is not so much about the subject of our emails. It has more to do with the underlying message which highlights the loss of something essential to the peace and prosperity of every part of the world. And that is trust. Trust between people, trust between governments and a loss of trust in the integrity of many of those incumbent in goverment.

The Ohio Debate + Video

I won’t take up the individual issues which Obama clearly won. It suffices to say that he also won the debate in all other departments. Including:  Ease under pressure, clarity of positions and policy, humour, courtesy and the overall presentation of his case. Remember Hillary Clinton saying on many occasions that words don’t matter, its what […]