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Some Silly Sentences / Seven Days Out

It is mind boggling to think back and recall how it all began with Iowa and how long this journey has been. I have tried to imagine how Barack feels, including all of you who have organised, volunteered, donated, and dedicated yourselves to the cause. Everyone who has been involved in this campaign should feel very proud. It has been an amazing effort and an historic contest. Now in only seven days, the fruits of your labour will be known. This final drive could make all the difference

November / America’s Roll of the Dice

We as citizens of other countries (aka foreigners) would be out of our cotton pickin’ minds if we didn’t study or follow what was happening in the United States,the world’s superpower. In particular making an effort to learn something of it’s history,its people,its multiculture and its form of national government,warts and all.

Obama & Diplomatic Dress

APEC’s dress protocol requires that all attending heads of government dress in the traditional attire of the host country My response to concern about photos of Barack Obama pictured on a visit to Kenya where he is photographed posing in African tradional garb. The pictures, reportedly being circulated by supporters of the Clinton campaign are being broadcast on the world’s […]

The Bush man goeth!

In Australia the skills of the Bushman are so highly regarded, the legend is captured in the folklore of this wide brown land.  Contrast this with the skills set of another “Bush” man from across the pond. You know, the Texan guy in the Oval Office.  In January 2009, to everyone’s relief, George W Bush will not only enter history, he will be history!  After eight […]