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Obama’s Quest / America’s Impossible Dream?

This is your chance to be one of many, and through “E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of many, One”. A more united America will grow. In Barack Obama’s own words, “A more perfect union”.This time, the power of your voting choice can change your life, change America and thus change the world. This day will be yours to remember.

“A Fruit Market in France” Obama Supporter Letter

I jokingly held my finger to my lip, “Shhh.” Seriously, who wants to advertise their Americaness these days? This larger-than-life man with a jolly smile threw his hands up in the air, pointed down to me and said to all around, “She’s American!!” He then said boisterously, “Look, we like you, we still love America, we just hate your president.” I tried my hardest to convince him, “He’s not my president.”He and others around me said, “Yes he is.

Breaking News!

The winds of change in America ? It’s more like a tornado. Americans in their droves and diversity are rejecting the politics of the past to embrace a new people’s champion as their next President. Barack Obama. Suddenly everyone feels a little safer and more at peace. With hope at hand they are already thinking about a better future. Yes […]