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The Obama Presidency & Amazing Grace

At this point in time however, it is appropriate to give thanks that a man of such calibre has been elected to lead the United States through what is an extremely troubling time in US domestic and world affairs. Especially at a time when inspiring and practical leadership is necessary to give people hope for the future, plus evidence and assurance that America’s ship of state is in safe, wise and caring hands.

Palin the PREDATOR!

What sort of a message does this photo send to parents and children? What does it say about Palin the politician as a person? This is not the 1930’s, when people killed animals for sport and trophies. This woman needs re -education. The idea that Sarah Palin possesses the qualities, skills and judgement to be Vice President and possibly President of the United States of America insults the intelligence of the American people and is ludicrous in the extreme.