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Speaking Candidly

The Race for America’s Future Has Begun.

The general election of 2012 is over, but the mid term race for 2014 and America’s future has just begun.

Despite the Democratic Party’s marginal increase in its House numbers, party supporters remain concerned that the new Congress could be rendered unworkable due to the prevailing GOP mindset.

Worried about their 2014 mid term prospects,Republicans are busy distancing themselves from the stench of their Party’s defeat in the 2012 Presidential election. Not surprisingly elements of the GOP remain captive to a plethora of flawed social and economic ideas as supporters of Paul Ryan, Romney every other day, and the Tea Party recipe so resolutely and recently rejected by the electors.

Regardless of the improved Democratic vote, America’s confidence and sense of itself will continue to be measured by the grudging state of the economy and the real possibility of another obstructionist Congress. After 4 years of conspiring to employ blocking as an anti Obama strategy, Republican congressional leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, regardless of their public statements to the contrary, still fail to exhibit a genuine desire to work with the White House in the National interest.

Meanwhile, Congress remains compromised by the pork barreling practices of those engaged in vote buying and election funding in providing financial grants as ‘earmarks’ to home states regardless of the need or the impact on the National economy.

For Democrats the mission is clear. Control of both Congressional chambers is paramount for 2014. The importance of this cannot be exaggerated. Having raised the bar, with more to achieve, the President’s legacy already guarantees a sound foundation upon which his successor could constructively build.

Should the Democrats fall short in 2014, the blood, sweat and tears expended by supporters in the previous 6 years will account for little. The general election of 2012 is over, but the mid term race for 2014 and America’s future has just begun.



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