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“The King’s Speech” More than just a Movie

Telling Thoughts

It had been nearly 20 years  since I last had to zigzag through rows of people seated in the darkened confines of a movie theatre. That was prior to my discovering a fascinating snippet of the real life story upon which the movie, “The King’s Speech” was based.  The New York Times article also featured highly favourable reviews of the film prior to its recent worldwide release.

It was then I decided that this film would be the one to break my cinematic drought. And so it did. On the eve of New Year’s Eve 2010, at home in Australia, I witnessed a superb cast act out an amazing story, in this finely tuned and highly professional production.

Surely this is the stuff of “Oscar” nominations for 2011.  OK, I admit I am a little biased, because Geoffrey Rush is an Australian.

But for those fortunate enough to see it, “The King’s Speech” will leave you speechless with delight.  Of that I am sure.


The King’s Speech – video 2 mins 26 sec


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  1. News Limited article, 9th Jan 2011.



    “AS OSCAR buzz brews in Hollywood about Geoffrey Rush’s performance in The King’s Speech, Adelaide is abuzz with the knowledge it is the birthplace of the film’s unlikely hero, Lionel Logue.

    It has emerged Logue, who until recently had a largely unknown association with the monarchy, grew up in College Park, played football at Prince Alfred College in the 1890s and studied music at the Elder Conservatorium.

    Adelaide also continues to be home to a handful of Logue’s relatives, tracked down by the Sunday Mail.

    Posted by John | January 9, 2011, 2:52 pm
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