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Mr Rudd Or Mr Oakes “Cui bono?”

One thing most Australians wouldn’t be aware of, is the close relationship that Journalist Laurie Oakes  enjoys with Kevin Rudd and his family.

Gillard forced to explain

Today, in response to Rudd cabinet leaks from an anonymous source? Australia’s new Prime Minister Julia Gillard was forced to call a special press conference to clarify her concerns as Deputy Prime Minister, contrary to the substance of anonymous leaks, about the affordability of the popular Labor plan for “Paid Parental Leave”, and the proposal to increase the “Age Pension” by $30 pw. Both programs were both approved and implemented by the government.

Oakes was ready to pounce

As I watched Mr Oakes attack Ms Gillard at the National Press Club only days after she took over the top job, one couldn’t help but notice the personal emotion driving his questions?  The journalist’s questions as shown in the video record below, focused on the events leading up to and surrounding the deposing of Laurie Oakes’ friend, former employee, and valuable contact,  the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.  Ever since, questions over Kevin Rudd’s Party loyalty have been rife.

Rudd’s bizzare behaviour

Since being deposed, Mr Rudd’s behaviour as a former Australian Prime Minister has been nothing short of bizarre.  First, he chose not to contest the challenge to his leadership after unequivocally stating that he would.  Then the next morning rather than meet the challenge at a party caucus meeting, he conceded.  A short time later after stepping down, he surprised by announcing that he would stand for re – election to his House of Representatives seat of Griffith in Brisbane, in the coming election. The next thing Australians knew, he had departed for America to attend a Leaders Summit and to have a “private discussion” with the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki – Moon, about a role with the United Nations.

Rudd doesn’t mention Labor

On returning to Australia, all the former PM would say in a statement from his electorate office about his American excursion, was that he would be capable of  holding down a cabinet position,  if offered, as well as a role with the UN if Labor was re-elected to govern. In a later statement from his electorate office, Mr Rudd stated that he saw no conflict of interest with this approach. Meanwhile Mr Rudd still refuses to be interviewed about these matters.  Now quite unusually, Mr Rudd’s new election signs bear no reference to the Labor Party. When the media questioned this odd approach to electioneering, Mr Rudd’s spokesperson said that the people of Griffith already knew which Party Mr Rudd represents. What nonsense. You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to determine this accurately reflects Kevin Rudd’s true feelings about the Labor Party and his political demise.

Rudd’s wife launches Oakes’ 2008 book

One thing most Australians wouldn’t be aware of, is the close relationship that Journalist Laurie Oakes  enjoys with Kevin Rudd and his family. Reportedly it began with Rudd’s early days as a University student when he earned money by cleaning Oakes’ residence in Brisbane.  After Mr Rudd became Prime Minister, it was Mr Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, who volunteered to launch Oakes’ book “Power Plays” on Australian politics a year later, in November 2008.

Who benefits?

Kevin Rudd’s sacking as Labor leader has brought about this unholy mess for Labor. Still, had the Party continued with Rudd as leader, Labor most likely would have lost the election.  And now the Liberal Party, trying hard to take advantage of this political godsend by crying crocodile tears over the method of Kevin  Rudd’s demise, can hardly believe their good luck. The body language and behavior of Kevin Rudd throughout this affair suggests that while he may not be the direct source of  the leaks to Oakes,  he would have a fair idea of who is. The journalist says his source for the leaks about Gillard in Cabinet, is not from the Liberals,” that it was closer to home”. The answer likely lies in response to the question in Latin posed by the renowned Roman Consul and Censor Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla, i.e. ” Cui bono? ” or ” Who benefits? ”

Who had the most to lose?

Who had the most to lose by Rudd’s political demise?  “Who would be most motivated to retaliate against Gillard?. You could surmise, perhaps Mr Rudd himself, or a member of Rudd’s family, or quite possibly one of Rudd’s senior office personnel now out of a job as a result.  Oakes won’t reveal his source. This well connected Journalist may not be able to get his friend Kevin’s job back, but in releasing leaks from a so called anonymous source, Laurie Oakes undoubtedly feels he is delivering some personal solace to Rudd and his family, while advancing his reputation as a journalist in compensation for his loss of a valued source.

One thing is 100% certain, and you can put your house on it, Rudd’s petulant, selfish and destructive attitude is doing nothing to help Labor’s election prospects.  It should come as no surprise that he was well past Labor’s use by date.

And this is only week two of a five week campaign! Who said Politics is boring?


Journalist Laurie Oakes challenges Prime Minister  Julia Gillard at Australia’s National Press Club – 2 mins 54


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  1. Mr. Oakes appears to have taken the demise of Mr. Rudd personally. He was bitter towards Ms. Gillard from the first statement he made after she became PM. I am disappointed that Mr. Oakes appears to have lost his objectivity.

    Editor: This article is informative on Kevin Rudd’s leaking history.

    Posted by fehowarth | July 29, 2010, 2:00 am