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Speaking Candidly

BP: The Big Polluter vs The American People

The US government’s approach to dealing with the oil industry, will  have to change.  Others will need to take heed.

The Worst Kind of Energy Nightmare

As the  world bears witness to the catastrophic, unabated  oil pollution of the Gulf of Mexico currently invading America’s southern coastline, hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods are threatened, are beginning to come to terms with the economic and poisonous environmental consequences of this man made calamity and its ability to destroy communities and their chosen way of life.  A tragedy caused by the inexpert activities and cavalier attitudes employed by multinational companies involved in mining deep sea oil in the Gulf. The long term impact on the economy, the coastal environment, the marine life and the habitat of at least five American States remains unclear.

Urgent Inspections Are Needed

An independent survey through a UN approved international inquiry into the maintenance records, engineering design and condition of the world’s offshore oil and land installations might help to avoid or at least minimize the environmental risks these facilities impose.

Has Oil Industry Practice Written it’s Own Epitaph?

The failed attempts to shut off the undersea oil flow have been exacerbated by a blatant lack of transparency and expertise in disaster management by B P and its partners. Quite possibly this offshore fiasco may signal the beginning of the end of any undersea mining off America’s coast. In which case, something good might be salvaged from the oily Armageddon building along America’s coastline. The full cost and extent of which may not be known for years to come.

Be Careful of Who You Follow

The smart mouthed jibe of “Drill Baby Drill” by Sarah Palin during the 2008  vice presidential debate was discounted at the time by Obama supporters as a cheap political shot by one of America’s least qualified political hopefuls.  Not so however, by John McCain. He adopted it for the McCain & Palin presidential campaign launch and republican supporters echoed it thereafter until the disaster in the Gulf.  Presently the silence of Palin and other Fox News wannabees on the subject of  offshore oil drilling is deafening. Cheap shots often backfire.

Cowards Always Run for Cover in a Crisis

If Sarah Palin really cared about the country, she would don a pair of old jeans, pull on wading boots, get herself down to the oil slicked Louisiana coast, wade through the oil smothered mangroves with a cameraman, and in her inimitable maverick style, call out B P and its contractual cronies for taking her flawed advice when a VP candidate for a few weeks in 2008. What are the chances of that?

The US Congress Needs To Act

This catastrophe is an example of what can happen when well meaning people support in their naivety, reckless political ideas.  With the public’s attention now firmly fixed on B P and its partners’ drilling practices, capacity and capability, the  escalating costs of dealing with the growing spread of ocean oil and the immeasurable amount of pollution impacting on the marine environment and the  country’s coastal foreshores are cause for greater immediate concern. One thing is certain however, the approach of the United States government in its future dealings with the oil industry will need to change.  Tougher penalties, including increased regulation and supervision of the oil industry is essential. Other governments should take heed.

The World Needs Global Action

In view of the certainty of long term and intolerable damage to people, their livelihoods, the environment and other living creatures and the fact that oil usage contributes to damaging climate change due to carbon pollution, it is time for all governments to demonstrate leadership by mandating to pursue alternative clean, green energy solutions to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Oil escaping from damaged B P pipe in Gulf of Mexico .. 5 mins

People Power is the First Step

This would require people power and worldwide action. The Gulf of Mexico disaster provides  a prime example of a just cause and should be motivation for people everywhere to organise and mobilise to make this important global objective a political priority in their own land.

Yes you can!



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