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Letters to the Editor

Why I support Senator Obama

I love to share stories about the voter registration drive. I will never forget the Spanish tourist who stopped by the Pennsylvania headquarters of the Obama campaign because they wanted to take a piece of history back to a friend in Spain.

I will never forget giving up many buttons to people who believe as we do.I won’t forget the volunteers from Europe and Canada who believe as we do.I won’t forget all of the out-of-staters or the Octogenarian who stopped to change his registration so he could vote for Senator Obama.

It took this man 20 minutes to get into our office, and 4 of us and 20 more minutes to get him back into his car. No matter who was voting for Senator Obama people went to great lengths to do so. I will never forget the 12-year-old boy who proudly walked in with his parents’ voter registration forms. His mother shared with me that he had been persistently reminding his parents that the deadline was near and they needed to turn in their forms.

So you see, this is what gives me hope because I have seen the change in myself and in others! Don’t despair because a nation and a generation have been energized and for most of us, there is no turning back!

Each one of us has changed this nation in our own way and more importantly, each one of us has grown in ways that may not be apparent right now, but trust me will serve you well in life.


Author: Amirah N from USA


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