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Letters to the Editor

Shades of Heroism

Shades of Heroism

The young marine falling on a grenade to save his buddies or the NCO taking out a machine gun singlehandedly receive the Medal of Honor, the highest military certificate of Heroism. one posthumously. 

There are Medals, but many acts of heroism go unheralded: the firefighter rescuing a trapped victim, the policeman dragging an injured passenger from a burning car, the miner entering the collapsing mine-tunnel to rescue cut off coworkers, the mother unhesitatingly risking her life for an endangered family member.

They are all Heroes, members of an exclusive but highly diverse group.

What prompts an act of Heroism? Courage, Instinct, Rage, Recklessness, Selfsacrifice, Selfpreservation, Sense of Duty, Deliberation (James Coburn to Maximilian Schell: “come and I will show you where the Iron Crosses grow!”)?

What should be the privileges of Heroism?

Respect, and to all that want it, Public Acclamation. these often will be the only rewards.

When applying for a job or position of leadership most Heroes will not wear their perceived merits up front, like a badge. they, like their fellow citizens, will list and present skills required for the job or position in a resume, including references. plus background information, relating to their loyalty, experience and character. in most cases, a detailed health questionnaire and a thorough Physical will also be required.

In the evaluation, all skills listed will be judged, but also the ones that are missing from the resume!

Should a Hero be sacrosanct, and immune to public scrutiny and even criticism?

Senator McCain has presented to the American People his resume, for approval.

A blank check, not for examination?

Should his Character, Courage, Patriotism, Levelheadedness, Stability and Leadership Ability not be discussed and acclaimed or criticised? is his Health an important factor?

There is a vast difference between personal smears and analysis of established Truths.
These deliberations can be conducted with Respect and Courtesy:

After acknowledging Senator McCain’s proven Courage and Patriotism, I would also have to consider his apparent flippancy, dismissing the lives of tens of thousands singing “bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb Bomb! Bomb! Iran”. Reports on his temper and his apparently light trigger finger, and his Confrontationalism.

And, quite importantly, a ruling of the Navy Board denying Captain McCain promotion to flag rank, supposedly, on the grounds of ‘temperament and ability to lead’.

These, among others, are important parts of Senator McCain’s resume and should be made public and discussed by the media.

General Wesley Clark’s well reasoned comments, not pursued by the MSM and howled at by right wing pundits, should be introduced again and discussed regarding their merits.

I will contact the Department of the Navy to find out if Captain McCain’s file is open for public inspection.

The upcoming Election presents the proverbial Y in the road for the destiny of the United States of America.

Quoting Rudyard Kipling: “Choose well, oh wolves!”

Viktor Met PhD
Southern Oregon

Author: viktor met from US


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