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Letters to the Editor

Senator Clinton, It Is Time

Senator Clinton…

It is clear you have neither the wisdom nor decency to be as honorable as your opponent. While you will undoubtedly come up with some new “Reason” to justify staying in the campaign, I think you are ignoring reasons you SHOULD end this waste of focus and resources for a campaign that can not succeed.

Instead, you vow to press forward with your effort to seize that which voters have made clear: They want Senator Obama to be the nominee. Instead, you claim hollow victories as your rationale to continue instead of stepping aside with honor. You do so… refusing to admit the fact that you did NOT earn those victories in places like Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and the thinnest of wins in my home state of Indiana.

Step aside now… and support the man clearly the choice of most Americans.

Lee Durham

Author: Lee Durham from US


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