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Letters to the Editor

Push-Polls Then and Now

In the 2000 Primary in South Carolina, the Rove/Bush Campaign conducted a so called ‘Push-Poll’: phonecalls were made to voters by more than 1000 ‘volunteers’:

‘Would you vote for McCain if you knew that …

… he was unstable?’

… his wife was an alcoholic?’ ……

McCain suffered a narrow but decisive loss and eventually lost the Primaries.

In spite of these dirty tricks, Senator McCain, for the next seven years embraced President Bush’s policies and, in various photoops, warmly embraced the man himself.

Today’s push-polls could well sound like this:

‘Would you vote for John McCain if you knew that ….

… he is a habitual gambler and shoots craps in Las Vegas and other gambling locations?’

… he is confrontational, a hothead and has a nasty temper?’

… Senator Barry Goldwater was a good friend of Admiral McCain (John’s father), but did not like young McCain?’

… he dropped his first wife after her disfiguring accident?’

… his medical records would show treatment for stress and psychological disorders?’

… he was implicated in a major Savings and Loan scandal?’

… for political reasons he was promoting the Georgia-Russia incident?’

… having received Captain’s rank after his return from Vietnam, the Navy Board, later, refused his promotion to Admiral on grounds of “temperament and leadership”?’

and, finally:

… he flippantly dismisses the deaths of tens of thousands, including our troops, singing “bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb Iran!”?’

Well, it’s not going to happen, Karl Rove is safely in McCain’s camp.

In this Election we have seen these tactics employed against McCain’s opponent, who shows remarkable restraint not to hit back nor have his campaign hit back below the belt!

As a voter, when push comes to shove, you will have to make a decision based on your own polls.

Good Luck to All of Us!

Viktor Met

Author: viktor met from US


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