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Letters to the Editor

A letter to Hillary Clinton

I cannot believe you. You are doing irreversible damage to the Democratic party. Having your name in the nomination at the convention make you look like a sore loser. And yes you have eighteen million people behind you, but so does he. And if he loses, we will remember how you treated Barack. We can see that you are really not helping him. You’re only hurting yourself.

When running against another Democrat, you don’t try to run him/her into the ground like you did. You’re doing irreversible damage to yourself with the African-Americans. I was shocked when I saw the founder of B.E.T. try to humiliate Barack on stage with you. That made you look bad. And Bill kept mentioning Jesse Jackson. I am so disappoited with you. How can you support bigotry? Instead of denouncing bigotry, you tried to used it to your advantage, saying Barack can’t get the “white “vote.

Author: Ron Gilmore from US


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  1. I want to tell Hillary I would have loved to have seen her as the candidate because I love her and Bill both, but she changed my mind when she attacked Barack in a very low life racial attack. I always admired her through all the trouble she suffered earlier in the public eye, but to attack another democratic candidate in such a low manner was horrible. She hurt the party very much and a large number of African Americans who loved and admired her. She should get in there and get her followers to vote for Barack Obama like her life depended on it. In fact this country is counting on her. If Obama loses this, she will certainly be much at fault and if she should run in the future I know a lot of people who will not support her for the damage she has done. It is easier to forgive Bill for his mistakes than it is to forgive her. After all there was a great trust for Hillary before she got nasty and racist with Obama during the campaign. She had better find the way to get on the Obama wagon as never before or she will help give this country back to the lying republicans.

    Posted by Mary D. Killoran | September 13, 2008, 10:52 am