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US Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls to Stop TPP.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren warns against the dangers of Investor State Dispute Settlements for countries involved with the TPP.

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Citizen’s United Decision

In a Senate speech on the sixth anniversary of Citizens United, Senator Elizabeth Warren laid out steps that Congress & the Administration can take to root out the influence of money in politics

The Real Hillary Clinton / A Reminder

The first qualification for leadership requires credibility. Trust emanates from that quality. As with respect, trust also has to be earned. It cannot simply be demanded if a leader is to gain and retain support. Without trust, nothing of value in a relationship survives or succeeds.

President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address

President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union address to Congress. His final SOTU address in a two term presidency which began with his first being elected POTUS in November 2008. [59 mins].

Elizabeth Warren “Prospects for America” Video 22 Mins

In a passionate and educative address the Senator clearly sets out what needs to be done politically and administratively to build a prosperous future for all Americans.

President Obama’s brilliant eulogy at Charlston Church

The power of the President’s words will mark this speech as a possible turning point in the history of race relations in America. The depth of his brilliant dissertation at this tragic time, should cause many in the US to review their long held, divisive racial views. Video 37 mins.

The 47 GOP Senators Who Signed The Iran Letter

A list of the contact details of 47 GOP Senators who infamously added their names to an Open Letter to Iran in an attempt to disrupt talks currently under way between the United States and its Allies with Iran, regarding Nuclear Armament and other sensitive matters of State.

The State of the Union Address 2015

The speech summarised the President’s nation rebuilding efforts and international achievements since taking office amid some of the most dangerous and financially challenging years in American history. However the primary domestic objective of the address, appears to have the Democrats embrace it as a blueprint for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Citigroup Breakup

In sounding a bell weather warning to the American people, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) Massachusetts has acted in the national interest, echoing a ‘call to arms’ equal in import to that delivered in 1775 by her trusted predecessor – Paul Revere.

Obama greeted as a Hero in G20 Brisbane

The President’s address focused on critical world issues confronting current and future generations, with a superb leading from the front delivery at the University of Queensland in my home town of Brisbane today.