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Sam’s Educative Loss at Roland Garros

The Italian’s game fed on the emotion of a block of Italian fans, including her family, wearing T shirts emblazoned with a message proclaiming “nothing is impossible”. After every winning shot she acknowledged them and was rewarded in return. Adrenalin fixes such as these can raise a player’s level of self belief and performance. The T shirted, message bearing supporters became her focus – theirs was the only acclaim she sought – these were the only voices she wanted to hear. On cue, they delivered – and her growing self confidence was evident.

Tiger Tiger Fading Light!

With the sponsorship of Tiger Woods, Nike’s golf merchandise and gatorade front man, the company’s sales pitch posted globally on elephantine billboards arrogantly shouted – “Just Do It” – . And so Tiger obliged, big time – in ways unimaginable to his fans. The slogan would have been less of a target had it taken the high road and said, “Just Don’t Do It”. But no one in advertising would suggest such an approach unless it targeted drink driving or some other form of egregious social behaviour. It’s too late for hindsight now. “Just Do It”, was a cartoonist’s dream.

Golf Needs Tiger & Tiger Needs Sex Therapy!

This once in a lifetime champion needs to return to work as soon as possible. Sitting around contemplating his sorry navel will be a total waste of his talent and time. Sex therapy to deal with the cause of his problem is what he needs – now. It is one of the most important decisions he needs to make and act upon.Tiger and his wife are both relatively young. If they accept and understand that Tiger needs urgent treatment for his addiction then something may be salvageable from their marriage and deliver promise for their future.

Tiger Tiger / Burning All Night

Also clouded in doubt, is the claim by Wood’s wife Elin, that she used a golf club to break open a car window to rescue him from the vehicle. This seems a little too convenient. Particularly as a photo of the crashed vehicle shows the passenger side back seat window as having been broken, but not the driver’s side front window, the one nearest the driver. The wife’s explanation seems incredible.

Tiger’s Australian Masters Win / Final Round

Telling Thoughts Tiger Wood’s time edited final round, shot by shot, in the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath Golf Club, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Sunday 15th November 2009.  My thanks to the enterprising soul who uploaded the Win TV vision to You Tube. Tiger’s first three rounds on the fabulous par 72  sand belt course […]

From Olympic Coach & Glory to Greater Things

After years of gut wrenching work and personal sacrifice,the disappointment felt by some athletes can be quite overwhelming. As correctly identified by the AOC, these are times when an experienced Liaison Officer can play an important role in helping an athlete through a rough emotional period.Every member of the Australian team knows they can depend on Lawrie Lawrence being there for them. Reassuring them while picking up the pieces, focusing on the positives, re-igniting the spirit, always looking forward with words of support and encouragement.

The Pathfinder of Australian Pro Golf

The honour of being the first of  The Nudgee Golf Club champions to be profiled in my Diary belongs to the champion of 1931, Norman Von Nida. After turning professional the “Von” was retained by Nudgee as its Club Pro for a time, until he followed his dream to become a full time tournament player. This […]

A Day To Remember

The thought of the “Von” returning to play at Nudgee made the prospect of attending the exhibition game even more special for Club Members and Associates. As a fifteen year old, I was also keen to see these great players for the first time. When Jack Downs asked me if I would like to caddy for the great Bobby Locke – I was beside myself.

Vale – The Von – The end of an era

Australian golfing great Norman Von Nida OAM passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 20 2007. The Von was in his 93rd year. In a final radio interview recorded only a few months earlier he said “I’ve had the most wonderful life”. Those who knew him felt privileged to have had the experience. Following a moving […]