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US Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls to Stop TPP.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren warns against the dangers of Investor State Dispute Settlements for countries involved with the TPP.

The Real Hillary Clinton / A Reminder

The first qualification for leadership requires credibility. Trust emanates from that quality. As with respect, trust also has to be earned. It cannot simply be demanded if a leader is to gain and retain support. Without trust, nothing of value in a relationship survives or succeeds.

Obama greeted as a Hero in G20 Brisbane

The President’s address focused on critical world issues confronting current and future generations, with a superb leading from the front delivery at the University of Queensland in my home town of Brisbane today.

A Magnificent Tribute to former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

Following the passing of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam last week, the prominent Australian aboriginal advocate Noel Pearson spoke of major reforms introduced by the Whitlam Government in a brilliant contribution to the National Tribute held at the Sydney Town Hall on 5th November 2014.

US President addresses Australia’s Parliament

A compilation of videos recording a selection of speeches and highlights from President Obama’s first visit to Australia in November 2011. The primary purpose of which was to announce a repositioning of America’s economic and military strategy in the Asia Pacific region to better manage challenges presented by the emergence of China as a potential superpower of the 21st century. Henceforth and permanently the US will rotate marines through an Australian base in Darwin and engage in combined operations with Australian forces.

“Bring Australia’s Troops Home” Andrew Wilkie MP

“The Prime Minister said yesterday she believes Australia has the right strategy in Afghanistan. She is wrong, dangerously wrong. The reality is that the best plan the Australian Government can come up with so far is simply to continue to support whatever the US Government comes up with. And that alone is no plan – it’s just reinforcing failure”.

Baseload Renewable Power / Solar Thermal = 90% US Needs

Baseload renewable power at utility-scale is here and it is US based Ausra Inc who has the solution with it’s Solar thermal technology.The technology was originally developed in Australia by Dr. David Mills. Unfortunately for the Australian economy Dr Mills had to take his technology to the United States to get the funding he required to continue this technology through to production stage. We believe that Ausra Inc’s Solar thermal technology is the single most promising of all technologies we have shown at PaleBluDot, in it’s ability to reduce greenhouse emissions on a global scale and to do so at a comparable cost to coal and nuclear power generation

Kevin – What were you thinking?

The scene of the recently elected Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd on his first official visit in that role to the United States anointing George W Bush as an honorary citizen of Queensland, the home state of the PM as well as yours truly, was bad enough, but the TV images of Rudd meeting publicly and restating his friendship with Hillary Clinton did, as Clint Eastwood would have put it; “Not make my day”.

Pulp Mill for Tasmania – No Thanks

Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s supportive decision regarding Gunn’s pulp mill proposal now supported by Federal Labor, clearly demonstrates why politicans are held in such low esteem. Fraught with environmental dangers and intolerable pollution levels his decision is inconsistent with Tasmania’s best hope of growing its economy by creating jobs through tourism promotion and development. Mr […]