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PARK AVENUE: Money, Power & The American Dream [I Files TV] Via Salon

Telling Thoughts: PARK AVENUE: Money, Power & The American Dream An I Files TV documentary (Via Salon). The story of the grotesque realities of the wealth and power of 400 Americans, and the damage this financial inequity and political advantage wreaks on the rest of America. PARK AVENUE: Money, Power & The American Dream .. […]

Adele sings: ‘Someone Like You’. Brit Awards 2011

Telling Thoughts What an incredible voice. In ‘Someone Like You’, Adele delivers a beautiful, yet powerfully poignant message, in baring the hurt and feelings of someone deeply touched by the experience of a lost love. [signature] Adele : ‘Someone Like You’ at the Brit Awards 2011 .. / video 5 min 50 sec

How Romney became obscenely Rich: Robert Reich

Telling Thoughts My Comment This excellent demonstration outlines the basic tax avoidance strategy and heartless takeover tactics employed by financial speculators like Mitt Romney in building their great personal fortunes at the expense of victim company employees and the average American taxpayer. This is precisely why a financial legal expert like Elizabeth Warren is needed […]

Romney’s Job Creation Record

Hardball 1994 TV Ad about Romney & Bain Capital, made for the Kennedy Campaign .. MSNBC 6 mins The Ed Show Romney and Bain Capital’s attitude to workers & jobs .. MSNBC 5 mins 15

Obama respects Women / Gloria Steinem / video 3 mins 45

Telling Thoughts Renowned Women’s activist, Gloria Steinem urges people to support President Obama as someone who in the way he conducts himself, examples his respect for women and women’s rights. [signature] Gloria Steinem supporting President Obama  ..  3 mins 45

Elizabeth Warren – MA Democratic Party Caucus – Medford

Telling Thoughts Elizabeth Warren making a strong case for the Democratic Party’s nomination in Massachusetts. Currently a petition is running to have her considered for the role of Keynote Speaker at the September DNC National Convention in Charlotte NC. Petition link: http://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-united-states-select-elizabeth-warren-to-give-dnc-convention-keynote-nc?share_id=wtDfQeCdiA& [signature] Elizabeth Warren – MA Democratic Party Caucus – Medford .. 2 mins […]

A Great 1992 DNC Keynote Address * Barbara Jordan

Will the DNC choose a woman as its Convention’s Keynote Speaker in Charlotte in 2012? At the Democratic National Convention in New York in 1976, Barbara Jordan, an African American, and member of the US House of Representatives from Texas, delivered one of the then two keynote speeches. Astronaut John Glenn, gave the other. In […]

Why Warren Petition Good 4 Democrats

Telling Thoughts – To My Facebook Friends – My apologies for not being able to engage with Facebook friends in a casual way. My excuse? Is that the vast majority of my time is invested in promoting the petition to the President to enable Obama supporters to express their support for Elizabeth Warren as the […]

Obama Dings Romney In UAW Speech

Telling Thoughts President Obama demonstrated today that he is now prepared to start knocking down the myths and blatant untruths that have been promoted and exaggerated by GOP Presidential candidates in their over the top struggle to buy votes and financial support to become the Republican nominee to contest the 2012 Presidential election. The Barack […]

Elizabeth Warren & Locals in MA

Telling Thoughts February 17th 2012, Elizabeth Warren addresses a standing room only crowd at the Arts Block, Greenfield, MA Part 1 9min 04 Part 2 8mins 38 By George! She’s Got It! Apologies to the producers of the smash hit musical, My Fair Lady, for borrowing the famous line delivered by actor Rex Harrison in […]