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TEN for ONE Taxation

“The top ten percent of all taxpayers pay ninety percent of the taxes”. Claims for the top percentage may vary from 5% to 20%, yet one simple principle always applies: Divide 100 pennies into two piles, of 90 and of 10 cents each. These represent the contributions to each tax dollar collected, 90c from the top group […]

Push-Polls Then and Now

In the 2000 Primary in South Carolina, the Rove/Bush Campaign conducted a so called ‘Push-Poll’: phonecalls were made to voters by more than 1000 ‘volunteers’: ‘Would you vote for McCain if you knew that … … he was unstable?’ … his wife was an alcoholic?’ …… McCain suffered a narrow but decisive loss and eventually […]

Shades of Heroism

Shades of Heroism The young marine falling on a grenade to save his buddies or the NCO taking out a machine gun singlehandedly receive the Medal of Honor, the highest military certificate of Heroism. one posthumously.  There are Medals, but many acts of heroism go unheralded: the firefighter rescuing a trapped victim, the policeman dragging […]

A Tear for the Republicans

I was so embarrassed for Sarah Palin whose performance on the interview on national television was compared to that of a young upstart in the political arena. Is this the best we can do? Even as a republican party who prides themselves in being the most intelligent of the two parties. They have come down […]

Palin, Never

There is too much attention being paid to a woman who is attractive, but seemingly not too attached to what is needed by her country or her family. She exposes her baby to the diseases and illnesses of the public just to gain sympathy from the mothers and women who might feel sorry for her. […]

A letter to Hillary Clinton

I cannot believe you. You are doing irreversible damage to the Democratic party. Having your name in the nomination at the convention make you look like a sore loser. And yes you have eighteen million people behind you, but so does he. And if he loses, we will remember how you treated Barack. We can […]

To Sen. Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,
Maybe this is the time for you to think, about your Campaign…you are losing the power of mind to help Us and the World in the next huge battles we are waiting… peace, justice, tolerance and HOPE.
Simone from Italy

Senator Clinton, It Is Time

Senator Clinton…

It is clear you have neither the wisdom nor decency to be as honorable as your opponent. While you will undoubtedly come up with some new “Reason” to justify staying in the campaign, I think you are ignoring reasons you SHOULD end this waste of focus and resources for a campaign that can not succeed.

Instead, you vow to press forward with your effort to seize that which voters have made clear: They want Senator Obama to be the nominee. Instead, you claim hollow victories as your rationale to continue instead of stepping aside with honor. You do so… refusing to admit the fact that you did NOT earn those victories in places like Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and the thinnest of wins in my home state of Indiana.

Step aside now… and support the man clearly the choice of most Americans.

Lee Durham

Thank you Barack

On behalf of the disabled community, we would like to say thank you to Senator Obama for agreeing to sign the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD).

Why I support Senator Obama

It took this man 20 minutes to get into our office, and 4 of us and 20 more minutes to get him back into his car. No matter who was voting for Senator Obama people went to great lengths to do so. I will never forget the 12-year-old boy who proudly walked in with his parents’ voter registration forms. His mother shared with me that he had been persistently reminding his parents that the deadline was near and they needed to turn in their forms.