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Why Warren Petition Good 4 Democrats

Telling Thoughts
To My Facebook Friends
My apologies for not being able to engage with Facebook friends in a casual way. My excuse? Is that the vast majority of my time is invested in promoting the petition to the President to enable Obama supporters to express their support for Elizabeth Warren as the Keynote Speaker at the DNC Convention in September.
One person tweeted ” If you change this petition to ensure it goes to Debbie Wasserman Schultz @ DNC I will sign.” The short answer to that single unknown complainant, is that the petition name will not be changed. Apparently a number of Obama supporters have written to the Chair of the DNC supporting Elizabeth Warren and that is what we will continue to encourage.
The petition name: “President of the United States: Select Elizabeth Warren as Keynote Speaker @ DNC Convention 2012”
The title was chosen in the hope it would attract more attention at this early stage. Rightly or wrongly it was felt that it may not be as noticed if the original letter supporting Warren, had been addressed only to the DNC. However as courtesy would demand, its author, Professor Barbara Burkett of Shelby, NC also forwarded a copy of the letter to the President, to the Chair of the DNC.
We completely understand that the choice of Keynote speaker is a matter for the DNC committee. However we hope that the DNC will appreciate that the petition in highlighting the Keynote speaker choice issue, can only be good for the campaign, the Democrats election prospects, public interest in Convention attendance, and of course, increased media coverage in the lead up to the Convention.
If as an Obama supporter you would like to read supporters comments and show your support for Elizabeth Warren as your choice for DNC Keynote Speaker at the Convention just click on the petition link: http://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-united-states-select-elizabeth-warren-to-give-dnc-convention-keynote-nc?share_id=wtDfQeCdiA&
Please help spread the petition word throughout USA.Your potential reward in November and beyond? President Obama re-elected, Democrat control of both Senate and House, Elizabeth Warren into US Senate and a real prospect for 2016.
As someone once famously said, Yes we can!
Sincere Thanks


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