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Was Jordan Sec of State Deal Maker?

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When I learned in reading the New York Times article titled,” An Old Home Town Mentor and Still At Obama’s Side”  that the extremely influential Democratic Party and Clinton supporter Vernon Jordan was married to the cousin of Valerie Jarrett, the current Obama Transition Team Co Chair and longtime personal friend, mentor and promotor of the Obamas, I realised that this personal connection could have had some bearing on the decision to recommend Hillary Clinton for consideration as the US Secretary of State.

A position yet to be formally confirmed by the Obama Team.

Mr Jordan talks about his relationship with the Clintons and of his earlier advice to Barack not to run as a candidate in the election, during his interview on “The View” TV program on November 5th 2008, the day after the election.

It is informative to read the current New York Times article to gain a fuller perspective on this matter. You will find it extremely interesting. The good news for the United States and the world, is that Barack chose not to accept Mr Jordan’s advice about not running in 2008.

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Vernon Jordan on The View 5th November 2008 .. 7 mins 51 


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