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Time Magazine Cover / Obama

TIME: Obama Triumphant (awesome cover)

Wed May 07, 2008 at 07:55:10 PM PDT


FYI: The quote at the bottom is, “Really we’re pretty sure this time.”

Nuff said.

Okay, here’s a little article.

As he walked across the tarmac towards a flight home to Chicago late Tuesday evening after 48 hours of heavy campaigning in North Carolina and Indiana, Barack Obama had a message for Hillary Clinton’s voters. “As tough as this contest has been, we’re one party with a shared vision of where the country needs to go. And, you know, I think that we have to let the contest play out, but my firm commitment is to make sure that we are unified in August at the convention and we’re unified in November.”


[T]he delegate math is strongly against her, and the Obama campaign knows it. So while they’ll need to press the flesh and respond to attacks, their more important tasks are stepping up pressure on superdelegates to declare support for Obama; talking past Clinton to their presumptive next competitor, John McCain; and starting to move into general election mode, visiting states that are not on the ever-diminishing primary calendar, but are critical for victory in November.  Link to Daily Kos for more 


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