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Tiger Woods – The Jekyll & Hyde of Golf

Telling Thoughts

I was stunned by the tasteless decision by Tiger Woods and Nike to use Wood’s father’s voice in that advertisement for Nike.The matter of whether or not Woods learns anything from his recently revealed experiences should never have been used by any business as an excuse to promote their image and goods.

I believe the depth of the fallout from all of this won’t be felt by Woods for some time to come. His image is forever wrecked, no matter how successful he may become with the clubs.  On the bright side, his talent is undiminished and he will likely be an even more fierce competitor over the coming days and months in the hope of achieving public redemption. Right now I expect him to be really focused and to do well in the Masters. He may even win.

But on the dark side, a quick important victory may not be what he really needs. Only time will tell. Eldrick Woods is the person who needs to change – not Tiger Woods the talented golfer. In the future he may find personal challenges tougher to meet than any course he will ever play.



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